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Dec 20, 2007 09:41 PM

Pacific Dining Car - Never Again

I haven't posted in awhile, but I had to vent about this place. Back in 2005, I took my Dad to Father's Day brunch at the Downtown location of PDC and was astoundingly underwhelmed. I however, thought that was due largely in part to the fact that we ordered off of the 24 hour breakfast menu. Fast forward to 2007 and I offered to take my friend out to a restaurant of his choice for the holidays - and when he said PDC, I had a hunch to advise otherwise, but hey it's his gift right?

For the price, this place sucks. The steaks, advertised as prime, were as thin and ordinary as the $4.99 Whiskey Pete's specials at the California/Nevada Stateline. I ordered the hashbrowns, and out came undercooked breakfast potatoes that I ended up drowning in some weird ketchup concoction provided. God forbid if anyone orders their steak beyond rare, because you'll be eating shoe leather. I was trying hard to figure out where my $$$ was going for this 35 buck ribeye, was it for the novelty of dining in a renovated train car? Holy God, I'll listen to corporate rock and pretend I'm in Australia, in order to have a steak just as good and 28% cheaper at my local Outback. If you ever go into Pane e Vino on Beverly and get the Italian ribeye there, it's $28 bucks or so, and you get a vegetable and tuscan beans on the side. On top of that, the cut is "Flintstones-brontosaurus-sized" and is just wonderful (Mr. Grub, I am eternally grateful for your recommendation years ago). Thinking of how we could have had such a better meal there, made every gagging bite at PDC that much harder to take.

So aside from never closing, this place - in my eyes - has nothing going for it. So unless it's 3AM and you're drunk from a night out at a nearby Downtown watering hole or had a nice night out at a K-Town massage parlor and are feeling a bit hungry - you're better off just going to bed and waking up and finding a better meal during normal business hours.

There - DONE.

Pacific Dining Car
1310 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 483-6000

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  1. I'm with you. You can get a much better ribeye at Sizzler for half the price.

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    1. re: antob

      I tried a baked potato and a Caesar salad at PDC in Santa Monica and have a similar opinion. The food was okay but overpriced. I like the baked potatoes at Sizzler and the tossed salads and Souplantation better. The ambiance was a bit archaic, but the service was excellent. The waiters were very attentive, polite and friendly.

    2. i absolutely hate to agree, because for many years i was a huge supporter. but you are completely correct. i might still go and enjoy the ambience and a drink, but will never order a steak again.

      1. Wow! I haven't been in 4+ years but it was a favorite of my grandparents who took me there from time to time. I think they started going there in the 30's. I always thought that while it was very expensive it was always excellent, both food and service. What a shame!

        1. I love the breakfast, but I never get the steak, I order the banana walnut pancakes, bacon and potatoes crispy. Always a winner. Sorry your steak was so bad, never fun getting an expensive, tough steak.


            This is a timly post as I was just reading one of J. Golds new articales(link above) about the PDC. Can the truth lie someplace in the middle?

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            1. re: BBQ101

              i recently did the santa monica branch of Pacific Dining Car
              steak was not great but totally acceptable - though priced as if it were the best in town, which it is not
              wine list is good though
              service awful
              if i do go back it will be because it's open 24 hours