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Dec 20, 2007 08:55 PM

Best Bahn Mi in Chinatown, Manhattan

I love Nicky's because they have great bread but who is the best down here in Chinatown? I just moved down here.... Help me out.

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  1. bahn mi so 1 has a kick ass meatball
    bahn mi saigon is excellent as well
    everyone else is a tier below...

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    1. re: halo

      Still dissent and say the proportions are better at Sau Voi, though So 1 probably tops. Saigon not so great lately, though it used to be- too many large vegetables.

    2. Any opinions on Paris Sandwich? They supposedly have good baguettes which I am very concerned about when it comes to bahn mi... Who has the best baguettes for bahn mi of all?

      Thanks for all your responses!

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      1. re: waterbuffalo

        I was there back in March and it was horrendous.(see the attached link). I am a regular at 138 Mott-bahn mi saigon- though it is always #1 spicy so I can't comment on any version of the sandwich from that place.

      2. My favorite is bahn mi saigon, and in addition to the #1, i think the chicken is quite tasty.

        I'm not crazy about bahn mi so 1 because they put butter or some sort of buttery spread on the bread that i didn't like.

        Paris was just ok. I only go there if I want a place to sit down and eat, but it lacks the vegetables that I like (no cucumber last time) and the bread is sometimes too crunchy (too long in the toaster)

        Haven't tried Sau Voi yet, that's next on my list.

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        1. re: lchang

          It's not butter, it's mayo. I always ask for it w/o and it's actually better because they will make a fresh one w/o the mayo on the spot for me.

          1. The place that used to be called Viet-Nam Banh Mi So 1 is now Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich; the one across the street from Paris Sandwich is called Banh Mi Saigon Bakery. I like the jackfruit shake at Paris, but for a banh mi I'd head for either of the Saigons or to Sau Voi.

            My current fave: Banh Mi Saigon Bakery, much as anything for the generous fillings. (Shown below is the "Saigon pork" style with roast pork and pork pate.) But to be fair, at the other Saigon and at Sau Voi, I'm often distracted by all the snacks and desserts, and sometimes I pass up ordering a banh mi at all.