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Sep 28, 2000 11:56 AM

Palm Springs/Inland Empire Eateries

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Help! I am new to the area and could really use some recommendations for where to spend my dining out dollars. I am not so much interested in the high end dinner type of establishments--rather, I would like to find a few small, unpretentious places that just happen to serve excellent food. You know...the kinda place you can pop into while out running errands and such. My food tastes are widely eclectic--just share with me what local "hole in the wall" is your favorite. Many thanks!

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  1. Sherman's Deli on Tahquitz Canyon Way is a pretty good Jewish deli. Palm Springs also has a ton of old-school red sauce Italian places, at which the food is not generally outstanding, but the atmosphere, fun, price, and quantity (of food, that is) are. My favorite is Banducci's Bit of Italy on South Palm Canyon. Also, try Riccio's on North Palm Canyon.

    Other suggestions - LG's Prime Steakhouse (Big steaks, big bucks, very tasty)
    The Beer Hunter (only if you like sports, and burger/sandwich/salad/wings type bar food)

    Other places I've only heard about, but never been to - Muriel's Supper Club
    Rock Creek Inn (I'm not sure if I have the name right, but it's south of downtown on Palm Canyon - real popular place)

    1. Peeraya Thai on North Palm Canyon (just past Racquet Club Dr. as you come into town on 111) has the best Thai in the Inland Empire. When they ask for spicy (1-10), 7 has a nice tinge.