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Dec 20, 2007 07:09 PM

Jackson, MS- Really missing Old Time Deli!

Is there any place in the area where a person can get a decent corned beef or pastrami sandwich any more? Places like McAllistar's just don't cut it- too much bread, too little meat!

I am really jonesing for a Super Old Time Club!!! Is there anywhere around that has something close?

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  1. I didn't even know it had closed. It was my favorite place in Jackson to go and I always stopped when I traveled through there.

    1. I miss Old Time Deli so much. Every time I'm in town (mostly holidays) I drive by and sigh. So, I can commiserate.
      I have no idea where there would be anything like it.

      I went to the restaurant in it's place, Julep I think is the name. Bleh.Can't believe THAT is what is in the place of OTD.

      1. I, too, miss Irv and the gang and especially that big pickle barrel near the front cash register.

        1. How sad! My uncle would always bring back their pickles whenever he went to Jackson.
          (this was, ouch, about 35-40 years ago)

          1. I use to go there to get tongue for sandwiches. It was delicous. Does anybody know where I can get tongue in the Jackson area?