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Sep 27, 2000 01:37 PM

Dinner for 25?

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We are going to have a company dinner very soon -- I would like to find someplace that has great food and a strong atmosphere, and possibly a (semi-)private room located relatively near Culver City.

Potential ideas:

- Hong Kong style Chinese with one or two huge tables.
- Mexican with big margaritas
- Sushi with sake and karaoke
- Italian with big bowls of food and free-flowing Chianti

I am eager to hear any thoughts on this topic.

Whatever restaurant we select, I will post a follow-up to let everyone know how it goes...

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  1. VIP Harbor Seafood, 11701 Wilshire (at Brentwood) is a HK style seafood restaurant that has a private room which will hold over 30 people. Food here is actually better than their San Gabriel branch (Harbor Seafood, Valley @ New). Of course a little more expensive, though but not too bad.

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      Try Buca di Beppo in Redondo Beach. They have the big bowls of pasta and chianti never stops flowing. Very fun atmosphere and excellent food and service. I don't have their phone number handy but they are on Pacific Coast Hwy in Redondo.

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        Buca di Beppos are popping up all over Southern California. For a large group, it's a guaranteed good time....and the food's good (Northern Italian peseant style) But only go there with a large group (or appetite) because everything is served family style...including the Chianti.

        I had a fun Bon Voyage party for a friend at the one in Encino. For large parties, you can phone ahead (2weeks) and reserve the Pope Room...or the Sinatra Room. Nothing like dining with a bust of His Holiness sitting atop a lazy susan, blessing all your guests. And I was talking about the Sinatra room.

    2. Just wanted to let people know how it went --

      After considering VIP Harbor Seafood, Border Grill, El Cholo, and a few other restaurants, we selected Mi Ranchito as the location for our she-bang. Why? We got a private room and tons of atmosphere for extremely low prices.

      The food was, well, decent. I ordered the chilipachole -- I could have sworn that some review somewhere said it was a specialty, but I was disappointed to find that it's really just Mexican chicken soup. Others seemed reasonably happy with their food, but frankly it was hard to tell -- our minds were more on the margaritas than anything else.

      Nevertheless, the restaurant met our needs perfectly. The service was extremely competent, as swift and friendly as you can be with 22 drunk dot-com types. Also, the proprietors were quuite accomodating -- they let us bring in 2 takes and several bottles of champagne without charging us.

      As odd as it seems, I might not head back there for dinner soon, but I wouldn't hesitate to thow another party at Mi Ranchito.

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        Chilpachole, a Veracruz-style stew heavily flavored with an epazote specially imported by the owner, is a specialty of the restaurant--but is also, as you say, basically a soup. The crab chilpachole is a little more traditional, but you either like epazote or you don't.