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Dec 20, 2007 06:01 PM

Bobby's Crabcakes -- Rockville

Over on Rockwell, Michael Landrum recommended the new Bobby's Crabcakes in the (also new) Rockville Town Square. Tried it for lunch today. Excellent jumbo lump crabcakes. Virtually no filler at all except for a little egg to hold it together. This is for those of you who like the crab itself to dominate your crabcakes -- not filler, not spices.

Even better fries (fried twice in peanut oil). I liked the cole slaw (crunchy, w/scallions), but it won't be to everyone's taste. Excellent key lime pie. Bobby, the owner, raves about his (fresh) turkey and burgers, too -- and Landrum says it's the best lobster roll outside New England.

The only issues -- parking and prices. The former isn't a big deal, especially not at 1:30, when I went today. But it might become an issue if it gets crowded in the area. The prices are very fair; but because it's a crabcake, that means not cheap. Eleven or so bucks for a small sandwich (4 oz. of crab); 14 bucks (if I recall correctly) for the five-ounce version. The prices will come down, of course, if the price of crab gets lower as summer approaches. It's a bit pricier per ounce than, say, the excellent CF Folks crabcake -- but there's a higher percentage of crab in it, too, I'm pretty sure. So it's not an everyday lunch. But a really worthy treat, if you're into crabcakes or (apparently) lobster roll.

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  1. The lobster roll was incredible.

    And, while there's no street parking 10 feet from the front door, there are more than enough spaces in the surface lots and garages within 1-2 blocks that there will always be a spot.

    1. Thanks for posting this. We went there for lunch today. Delish!

      1. We went last Friday and it was fantastic! The crabcakes are entirely crab- no filler, and I agree with MartyL- the fries are delicious. We also tried the mac n' cheese side, which our group determined was made wtih a hint of gorgonzola. I loved it, but it received mixed reviews from the group. I'd like to see a few more wines on the menu, but other than that, easily the best new addition to Rockville dining scene in a long time.

        1. Ate lunch there, yesterday. My group had crabcake, lobster roll, and turkey. All very tasty, but somewhat pricey.

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            I keep hearing this review: "tasty but pricey".

            I agree that it's not a cheap sandwich shop, but crab and lobster aren't cheap, especially this time of year when it is hard to source quality crustaceans from this hemisphere. I think it's very moderately priced, considering what you are getting.

            I'd be quite wary of a place that served crabcakes "cheap".

            Mister Big - what would have been a pricepoint for a lobster roll or "regular size" (4 oz, not 5) crabcake sandwich that you wouldn't consider pricey?