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Dec 20, 2007 05:13 PM

Anyone been to Italian Village lately?

Wondering if anyone's been to Italian Village lately. I remember that it was kind of kitschy romantic, but don't want to go if the food is just awful. Thoughts?

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  1. Some recent (and not so recent) commentary here:

    1. ...We ate at the Italian Village 2 weeks ago. In the upstairs "Italian village". The service was very, very inconsistent. The food? Just above average. Started with an appetizer of the baked clams oreganato. 1/2 dozen for 9.50. Way to much breading. The soups and salads that followed were horrible. Awful minestrone and pathetic house salads. Three entrées - Scampi Casalinga was good but certainly not worth 20 bucks. A Tortellini in a light cream-tomato sauce was good and so was the seafood ravioli. Both were 16.00. Decent food for the value. Would I go back or recommend it? No. You can get this food anywhere and you certainly can get better service at the Olive Garden. What this place has going for it is location and atmosphere.

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        In other words, it hasn't changed since 1987, which was about the last time I ate there. Thanks for the heads up. Why they're still in business is a mystery.