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Sep 25, 2000 07:02 PM

It's autumn . . .

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. . . Does anybody know if Campanile is doing the Monday night family dinner this year? Details?

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  1. Yes. Monday is family dinner night. Wednesday is Mark Peel's "chef's tasting menu" night. Thursday is still grilled cheese sandwich night. To find out what is being served on Monday nights you can check Campanile's website (, or call them at 323-664-6917, and they'll tell you what's coming up. Usually, they don't know what's being served for the chef's tasting menu until Wednesday morning, so you'll need to call to find out about that.

    Here's the current lineup for family dinners:

    September 25: Wild fennel soup, roast albacore, ginger buckwheat noodles with cherry tomatoes and soybeans.

    October 2: Beefsteak tomatoes and feta, braised shoulder of lamb with caramelized root vegetables and fresh noodles.

    October 9: Endive salad with mustard vinaigrette, crisp sauteed sweetbreads with seasoned bread crumbs, succotash and blue lake beans.

    October 16: Warm spinach salad with bacon, fried clams and squid with tartar sauce and drawn butter, steamed corn, new potatoes, and coleslaw.

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      I must go on Monday 9 October.

      Speaking of sweetbreads...

      Ubiquitous in NY, really hard to find in LA. I'd appreciate recommendations, for places where they're on the menu and places where they're regular (even occasional) specials. I prefer well-cleaned, so I'm not looking for Argentinian mollejas--