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Dec 20, 2007 05:12 PM

Summersville, WVa

Hey Hounds.

Mrs. Sippi and I will be staying the night in Summersville, WVa. tomorrow night and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a place to eat. We're very open to different things but are most likely to gravitate towards something local. We can get Italian food here in TO for example.

Thanks in advance


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  1. There is supposed to be a good Italian place in Summersville. The Sedona Grill in Fayetteville is excellent if open. It's about 20 miles south of Summerville. There is also a new place just across from the Quality Inn in Fayetteville that has gotten good reviews.

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      It's called "Dominic's" or something like that.
      Unfortunately pickings are slim and Mrs. Sippi is sick and really just wanted some comfort food. She opted for chicken fried steak from Bob Evans and I went with the jalapeno double cheddar melt from Wendy's. We both enjoyed our dinners well enough. Neither are good enough to considered great but both did their intended jobs.

      Thanks for the reco. We may have to pick up dinner on the road in future.


    2. Hey Hounds,

      Any better/more recent news than this for Summersville, WV? I'll be there Saturday night, and would prefer to avoid the chains if I can.


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          Looks like Bob Evans will be it...

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            If you have the time, supposedly Dirty Ernie's BBQ in Fayetteville, is supposed to be good. I've never been.


      1. The only thing I can add is the King Tut Drive-In in Beckley. Its' as close as I could get to Summersville. see

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          Its not in Summersville, but "Pies and Pints" is about 20 miles to the south in Fayetteville, WV and its pretty great:

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            Thanks for the info, everyone!

            We wound up going to Dominic's Italian Chop House in Summersville.

            I wasn't expecting much, to be honest, having been disappointed by "Italian" food in rural West Virginia in the past. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find a great medium-rare bone-in Angus striploin, perfectly-cooked pasta, and a nice Brunello, all at a reasonable price with friendly service. The first bottle of wine was corked, and although our server didn't know what "corked" meant, when I explained it she happily brought another bottle. The restaurant is open and airy, in a nicely renovated old bank building, with lovely views of the historic court house next door through the large windows

            On our annual drive home to Canada from the south after spring break, we used to stay in Beckley, but I would go back to Summersville just for the restaurant. I was encouraged to see a fair number of people in the place, mostly appeared to be locals, and I wish them well. Driving along the Interstates, the endless stream of chain restaurants, and apparently nothing else, is pretty demoralizing. It's great to know that the people of Summersville, and those of us lucky enough to have dropped by, have at least one much better option.

            800 Main St, Summersville, WV 26651