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Dec 20, 2007 04:13 PM

Venice (old Tutto Mare) San Diego

I had the worst dining experience in recent memory today at Venice in UTC. It used to be Tutto Mare. It was packed when we got there for a 12:30 reservation. Admittedly we screwed up the res and forgot someone so it changed from 5 to 6. They were able to get us out on the patio which was cold. Utlimately they moved us inside. Our waiter was very busy. Long painful story short it took 11/2 hours to get our food. One of the diners had a 2:00 call and had to take his lunch to go. We were assured by our waiter that it wasn't his fault. Tables seated long after we were were eating and leaving before we were served. The manager was requested twice to come to our table and avoided us for very long time. I watched both times when the waiter told him we wanted to talk with him our table was pointed out to him. When he finally did come over he said that he could apologize over and over but it wouldn't change anything. Finally it was suggested to him that he could buy us lunch which he did begrudgedly The food wasn't bad but it was the longest lunch meeting I have ever experienced. Won't be going back.

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  1. You went out to lunch on ostensibly the last working day before Christmas vacation (people are taking vacation days Friday and Monday, as well as getting Tuesday off) at a peak lunch time, changing a reservation without notice. A time when a lot of companies have decided to host a Christmas Luncheon for employees only so as to cut the cost of hosting a sit down formal dinner for employees and spouses. In the middle of La Jolla, a prime shopping area of San Diego.

    It was crowded.
    It was busy.
    Somehow your table fell through the cracks.
    It happens more at this time of year and I bet more today and tomorrow than ever.
    You had a right to complain.
    They heard you and you did not have to pay for the meal.
    The food was not bad.


    ...and go back at 11:30 or 2 p.m. on a Monday or Tuesday next year. The crowds won't be there like today.

    and the food will still be good.