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Dec 20, 2007 03:13 PM

Have you ever thought of making some sort of recipe log...[Moved from Home Cooking]

to keep track of particularly good menus that you have come up with, or to keep track of what book you got a recipe out of? I do a lot of baking and, in the holiday season, a lot of cookies especially. I sometimes remember where I got a recipe from, or at least the author, but not always...So I got to thinking I may start keeping some sort of list in a folder. Am I obsessing too much, or just figuring out a way to better organize myself?

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  1. Shayna Madel
    I'm not nearly that organized.(I only wish!) Over time, I've just made copies of my personal Best of the Best, and kept them in a tabbed binder.

    1. I think that could be a good idea. I recently made a lunch for about 100 people. I had my menu and shopping list in excel. Then, after the event I took notes on how much was and wasn't eaten, what I needed more of, etc. I saved it and will have it on record for next time. I do the same with our annual Purim holiday baskets -- how many we made, who we delivered to, what was in them, etc.

      1. When I have people over for dinner I always write down the menu so that I know what to buy/cook/serve. I usually just save them in the back of my recipe box, and if I'm organized I write some notes on them about what did or did not go over particularly well. it makes sense- if a friend mentions that he absolutely loves or hates something, I make a note and I have it for future reference.

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          I keep most of my recipes in a Word document. At the end of that document, I list my dinner parties with the date, who was there, what I served, where the recipe came from, and, if approporiate, notes on what was particularly successful and what was less so. I love being able to refer to it when company is coming if for no other reason than to make sure I don't do a repeat of what I've done before for the same guests.

        2. I used to document menus for Holidays... in my case, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter... I wrote down who attended, appetizers, and the rest of the menu. It helped me enormously in that I didn't serve the same thing each year. Plus, I documented what people said about what they ate. That helped by telling me what to eliminate and/or add from year to year.

          1. I keep a regular "log" of what I've made in a simple word document that I keep a link to on my desktop. It is amazing how easy it is to forget something really great you made a few months ago. It's probably just that I'm getting old that I need this, but I find it really useful. I just record what I made and how much we like (or didn't like) it.


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            1. re: bnemes3343

              Maybe I'm getting old too (!), because I started doing something similar recently. I keep an Excel file with many of the recipes that are in the regular "weeknight" rotation. Next to the name of each recipe, I list the source. I don't keep the recipes in the file, but this way I know where to find them when I want to make them.

              I'm always adding things to the list, some tried and true, and some things that I want to try out, but basically, it has become a great resource for me to turn to when I'm planning the weeks meals and shopping list.

              It also helps to remind me of things that I haven't made in a while and keeps me from getting in a rut of cooking the same things. On occasion, I look at the list and feel uninspired, so that's when I take some time to sort through the stacks of recipes that I have printed out and pulled from various sources (in addition to cookbooks). I could never seem to get organized, and this system, simple as it may be, has been really helpful.

              1. re: valerie

                Gee, I thought I was the only one who kept a list in Excel! My list is grouped by catagory, title of recipe, main ingredients, where the recipe is, then other comments.

                I have several 3-ring binders full of recipes that I have cut from magazines or printed from the web, and this is the only way to keep track of them. Plus I include favorite recipes from my many cookbooks. Somestimes I go through cookbooks and add recipes to the list that sound good... My list is now over 700 recipes, and growing!

                1. re: firecooked

                  I have binders, too, for recipes I cut out, with dividers for each category. On the divider page, I write the name, cookbook and page number for great recipes also in that category, sort of like an index.