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Sep 25, 2000 12:06 AM

In Search of Piroski

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Anyone know of a good Russian fast food/restaurant in Los Angeles that serves good Piroski? West side preferred but will travel on a high recommendation =9


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  1. There is a Russian deli at 12th and Wilshire in Santa Monica. Don't know the name but have bought assorted pieroski there on occasion. The look like Jelly doughnuts filled with meat or cheese. They are not available all of the time. Worth a look anyway for their assortments of meats, sausages, salted and smoked fish and caviar. They also have pierogie and blintzes with assorted fillings. Their English is weak but their Russian is great.

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      Jessica Ritz

      In the strip mall on Santa Monica and Fairfax, where Whole Foods is located, Stolichnaya Bakery makes piroski with a variety of fillings, fresh and warm, for $1 each. Their fruit tarts are a great bargain, too. You will find one Russian deli after another along that strip of SM, and I'm sure with a bit of searching you will find many other piroski.

    2. There is a deli in the mall at Van Nuys and Ventura called Tsarina. They have cabbage, mushroom, and chicken pirozhok. Quite good, in a deli setting. Soups are fine, everything tastes homemade.