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Dec 20, 2007 03:10 PM

Restaurant Choices?

I need to pick three dinner spots for 3 consecutive nights

A Voce
Gramercy T

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    1. been to ALL of 'em multitudes of times. i'll rate all the places based on food and price/worth ratio.

      1. Cru
      2. A Voce
      3. EMP
      4. Gotham
      5. Gramercy
      6. Boqueria - cheap
      7. Degustation - cheap

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      1. re: halo

        Thanks Halo,

        It looks as though I will need to choose either Cru or EMP since the reservations worked out that way. Dining with another foodie guy so it really is about the food and the setting not being too formal. What do yo think?

        1. re: kcchef

          as someone in the food industry Cru is where i take all of my chef friends when we have money to spend... the food is much more "serious" than EMP in my opinion.

          1. re: halo

            If I opt for the tasting menu with wine, is Cru also the best bet for a better wine pairing experience. I imagine both places pour some nice wines with their pairings.

      2. 1. Gotham
        2. Cru
        3. EMP

        those are my picks but they're also all high wouldnt hurt to change it up and try degustation one night for a change of pace...but only go with a group of 2-3 people.

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        1. re: sam1

          I am going to Babbo one night, and Degustation one night for a change of pace with two other people...