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Dec 20, 2007 02:23 PM

in desparate need of ghanaian food

I've just been describing ghanaian food to a friend and now I am absolutely dying to find some. Is there a single ghanaian restaurant in southern california? I'll drive anywhere, really. I searched the board and the only recommendation was a pan-African restaurant on Wilshire. I checked their menu and, though it sounds good, it's not Ghanaian.

Someone else recommended two other restaurants in the South Bay, but neither restaurants have menus and their names sound un-Ghanaian.

Is there anything? Please say yes!

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  1. The only place that I think comes close is the one on Wilshire that you mentioned. They have a combination of East African and West African food. I was there several years back--I remember some componnants of Ghanian food but nothing specific.

    Have you considered going over there to see if they can make something Ghanian for you? I have no idea where the chef/cooks are from but there's always the chance that they are or can cook Ghanian food and would be willing to do something special for you. Sort of like going to a chinese restaurant and getting the secret menu.....worth a shot at least.....................

    1. Wow, I'd like to know too. I never figured I could find Ghanaian food here though.

      Some fufu (foofoo?) in soup would be awesome.

        and Nkechi reportedly has fufu and a good okra stew if that's your thing. I haven't actually been to either...I want to go when my friends return from their trip to see if it even approaches some of what they've had in Timbuktu and Mali.