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Dec 20, 2007 02:18 PM

Las Vegas - perfect place for birthday dinner without breaking the bank

My mom and I will be in Las Vegas in January for a girl's only birthday celebration for her - it is an important birthday but she probably wouldn't like me sharing which one. We are staying at the Bellagio and am looking for a special place for dinner on her actual birthday. We already are going to Lotus of Siam another night and Rosemary's for lunch. Recommendations for about $75 - $100 per person (including wine) would be most helpful. Any kind of food is fine. Thanks in advance!

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  1. My first choice would be Daniel Boulud Brasserie @ the Wynn. It is a classic French Bistro w/ wonderfully prepared food and an excellent wine list. Ask for a table by the window and enjoy the Lagoon area w/ the Light show!

    I just entertained some clients last week @ Olives in Bellagio. It was wonderful from the Onion Focaccia and olive tapanade to the well presented and prepared entrees. The sommelier was wonderful and helpful as I was on a budget...and picked out some wonderful choices......

    Another great place is Fiamma @ is similar to the Fiamma that was in Scottsdale...though the atmosphere in Vegas is a little more subdued and elegant.

    NobHill is also wonderful and shouldn't break the bank...try the Lobster Pot Pie...Michael Mina's signature dish!

    1. I would go to Rosemary's for the special Dinner but since you are already going for lunch I won't try to talk you out of it but you should look at the menus.
      I got to disagree with Ciaogal I only like olives for lunch ( so actually i might swtich olives and rosemary's up)
      For 100 bucks a person a lot of places are very doable -- Sensei, craft steak, Enoteca San Marco, Nobu (if you don't order like 800 pieces of sushi), Mesa Grill, got a lot to choose from.

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        I'll disagree with both y'all when it comes to Olives. Single worst (supposedly) fine dining experience to date. Service was abhorrent, food was unmemorable. Plenty of better and more deserving choices in town.

        I'll second that emotion for Sensi. The room is stunning, the food is an unusual fusion that works, and while overall service was not quite as on top of things as Rosemary's, our waiter was excellent. And it's certainly convenient!

      2. Thanks for your recommendations. We might go ahead and switch Rosemary's for dinner based on this. We are going to a show at Mandalay Bay - is there a restaurant there that would be worth it? It would be nice to choose somewhere close.

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          Here is a list of ratings of all the restaurants at Mandalay Bay. I can personally vouch for Verandah's for the weekend buffet, rm (although I don't rate it as highly as this website does--maybe a 16 out of 20 not 18 out of 20) and Fleur de Lys as being okay. If you scroll down about half way down you will find the listing for Mandalay Bay.

        2. I always like border grill but its nothing fancy. And i have heard great things about stripsteak but its pricey. Stay away from RUm Jungle.

          1. Thanks for all your help. Trying to decide between Stripsteak, RM and Fleur de Lys. Which would you choose?

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              i've eaten at all 3...though rm was only apps at the bar's a stretch to get a meal w/wine at stripsteak and fleur de lys with your budget...sharing apps/sides at might be able to do's fun to do that w/ a group anyways ( as you probably know most vegas strip resort restaurants - the wine price range is rather extreme ) - i think stripsteak is much more relaxed ( but hip/cool ) then fleur , but i don't consider fleur to be "uptight and pretentious" ....hmmm maybe i'm uptight and pretentious !! option might be go to 55 degrees ( in the mandalay mall area's the closest space to the casino )'s a wine a tasting...pick out a bottle or 2 and take it to the restaurant you choose - the corkage at fleur de lys is $ guess it will be the same at stripsteak ....just a thought.

              enjoy !