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Dec 20, 2007 02:09 PM

Fat tire

Anybody know of anywhere in Florida to buy Fat tire beer? Once out of the Colorado area it's impossible to find this unless you order it from the source and pay a huge price to ship it. Suggestions?

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  1. New Belgium distributes throughout half of the country, (question #2), you're just in the wrong half. Also noted in FAQ is that they don't ship direct to consumers, so if you're determined to get Fat Tire, you'll have to deal with retailers who do mail order.

    1. Yeah, unfortunately if you don't live in one of their regions you are pretty much out of luck. I've been trying to get a bottle of their La Folie for a while to no avail (if anyone has one let me know and I'll buy/trade). Also, if you do find yourself able to find some New Belgium, stay away from the Fat Tire, they have so much better stuff available (i.e. Two Below, 1554, Abbey, etc). But thats just my .02

      1. Triguy makes a great point but I also love Fat Tire as well here in Jersey. Unfortunately, the only way Ive gotten New Belgium out here is through trading with others throughout the country.

        I fell in love with Fat Tire when Ive been in Vegas and still love it but they have so many other good brews as well. The 1554 and 2 Below are tremendous. Belgians arent my favorite but they do a good job with them. Im looking forward to getting my hands on their Frambozen. But those two (1554, 2Below) are two you should definitely try..

        1. I order my Fat Tire from Liquid Solutions. I usualy order a 12 pack box of brew. I often get 6 Fat Tires and then 6 misc. Beers.

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            How much does the shipping on it set you back?

            Id like to get some more consistently outside of trading and would like to also get 1554 and the 2 Below. If LS also had Goose Island, that may be a find for me. Thanks.

            1. re: yankeefan

              12 12oz bottles ship for about $8.00.