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Dec 20, 2007 02:02 PM

Butchers in Camden Co. or Burlington Co. recs, please

I've been unhappy with some of the meat I've gotten at the local groceries although if you're willing to pay the price, Whole Foods and Wegman's are good. But I was wondering what people think of independent butchers like Meat Stop in Willingboro, Arnie's or Arnold's in Cherry Hill, etc.

Any recommendations out there?

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  1. I shop regularly at Arnie's on Haddonfield Berlin Road. Expensive, but very high quality.
    Arnie is usually in the store, and they are very willing to help. They also have all types of prepared food, including cooked meals, and pre-marinated meats and chicken, etc. BTW: Arnolds on 38 near the mall is now closed.
    No personal experience with the Meat Stop, but one of my neighbors shops there regularly. She says the quality is good; it's an entirely different kind of shop than Arnies, she says..
    You might also want to check out the meats from the Amish markets. Very good pork and the bacon is EXCELLENT. There is the Dutch Market in Medford, and there are Amish stands in the Marketplace in Willingboro. Just be aware that they are only open Fri and Sat. Prices from the Amish stands are very good.