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Dec 20, 2007 01:49 PM

Dosa Temple-formerly Chenai Woodlands

Recently replaced Chenai Woodland in the nondescript strip mall on 126 in Ashland. South Indian vegetarian options. Stopped for lunch today. Had the South Indian Thali with Vada, Sambar, deliciously spicy with a little heat, Rasam Soup hit the spot today, jasmine rice, Raitha a little off (or should it be) , picled veg nice n spicy and gingery and a rice pudding , not overly sweet with catdamom and another spice, with three vegetable choices which,I belive were Vegetable Khorma rich and tasty ,Dal Tadka and Aloo Gobi. Everything tasted great with the exception of the Raitha which seemed slightly fermented. The Vada was replaced with a lentil curry that could use salt. All for $7.50. At 1:30 I was the only patron. Plainly decorated with pictures of temples. Oh yeah, served with a papadam and a fresh hot naan.

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  1. sounds promising, but I'm curious how you found it compared to Chennai Woodlands?

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      What i had was different so it's a hard comparison. I intended to try Dosa, but didn't. Most everything I had was excellent. Very well prepared and I find that a good indication.

    2. My wife and I were fans of the old Chennai Woodlands and were eager to try out the new incarnation. It is definitely very plain, but a little spurced up from the Chennai Woodlands days. We liked our dosas a lot, especially one with uttapam in it, and the other dishes (which I have forgotten, but included a nice chaat of some sort) were very good as well, except for the golbi manchurian, which was bland and gloppy and not as good as it was previously. The other dishes were as good or better than under the previous regime, and the service was friendlier and quicker. They did not seem especially busy on a rainy Saturday night in November.

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        Is this restaurant clean/sanitary? It looks like a bit of a hole in the wall and very plain so food handling worries me but sounds really tasty.

        1. re: marissapony

          I'm wondering what a plain decor has to do with food-handling?

          1. re: marissapony

            Ha! Ha!
            Plain looking decor in ethnic joints seems to be a cause for worry for some...but then Plain looking decor in non-ethnic joints in some circles is perceived as 'chic', 'minimalist' or 'hip'!

            1. re: nasilemak

              actually it has nothing to do with it being ethic, I'd feel the same way if it was a hole in the wall diner for example. Plus with these little places it is hard to find formal reviews. Anyway, I saw on another site, someone say they had concerns about dosa temple's cleanliness and being a bit germ phobic I thought I'd ask what people thought. I love Indian and would like to try it but wanted some first hand opinions of it's food safety.

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                I've had the three "hygienically-challenged gastro-intestinal episodes" of my life at places that were way more than holes in the wall. Let it go!