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Dec 20, 2007 01:36 PM

Semi-Local In Vegas...

Hi Vegas Hounds!

We're DC hounds coming to Vegas from Dec 28-Jan 4. We need to know where to chow. We're going there to visit my folks, who moved there over the summer and have only had limited time to check out the various culinary options. Anywhoo, we're staying with them in Henderson, and we'll have transportation, so distance from downtown is no big deal.

Specifics: we're perfectly fine skipping the 'trendy' places or places too loud to hear each other/places that may as well be nightclubs.
Just want good food. No genre or ethnicity limitations.
Want a mix of those great hole-in-the-wall spots and nicer joints for when we venture onto the Strip to see shows.

So far we have a reservation at Firefly, but that's as far as I've gotten.
Also, I'm a classically trained pastry cook, so places with awesome desserts would be appreciated.

thanks in advance, guys. :)

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  1. starting with the area you are in ( Henderson ) ...i'm assuming your parents are foodies too - i suggest todd's unique, ( probably highest end place in henderson ) settebelo for some very good pizza, my new pizza fav - patsy grimaldi's, Ventano's for italian...also a nice view of the vegas valley. for lower end - there is a hawaiian place and a hot dog place...names escape me - i think the dog place is hot dog heaven - both are on lake mead just...west...or is that south of the lake mead / boulder hwy intersection.

    for the sweet tooth - freed's has a new location on eastern in the 7 hills area ( in the same center as grimaldi's ) you have payard ( caesar's ) and Jean-PHilippe ( bellagio ) on the strip.

    hole in the wall...on the guess the peppermill coffee to places to try, so many places - $$$ not an issue ?

    how about some dim sum - several within a few miles of each other - orchids, cathay house, changs, ping pang pong

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    1. re: kjs

      The "hole in the wall" request wasn't meant to necessarily coincide with "pre-show dinners." We'll have some days where we'll probably stay southern near Henderson or just finding weird stuff (Like the Pinball Hall Of Fame and Museum), so I figure that's when the tiny home-spun joints will work out. :) We may also take a hike to the Grand Canyon if we don't get too lazy.

      Budget: we'd prefer to stay around 50/pp (no drinkin') on average, but we'll probably splurge a few times.

      There's no good Dim Sum in the DC Metro (seriously. it's shocking) so we'd LOVE that.


      1. re: enigmakairos

        We dine frequently in the Henderson area and concur with the recommendation of Todd's Unique. On Wednesday nights there is no corkage fee, but you need to make advance reservations. We thought the pizza at both Settebello and Grimaldi's were pretty good, but the crusts were not nearly as good as what we are used to in New Haven. One restaurant we enjoyed on our recent trip was Gaetano's on Eastern Avenue -
        Though the RJ reviewer recently panned the restaurant, I recommend Sweet Water Prime Seafood which is located on Eastern Avenue. For Souther Italian both Ventano's (Horizon Ridge) and Viaggio (Eastern) are reliable with both offering commanding views of the LV valley.

      2. re: kjs

        given my frequent visits to dim sum places in so cal and the vegas valley, i've decided to do a "pictorial" of dim sum dishes found in las vegas to share with the board...i'll try to do this in the next 2 weeks...i still need to do this for hot dog places ( i promised to do this a few months back but got side-tracked )

        as to your $50 budget ( excl liquor ) ...pre-show ...gee...that's even a tough one ... help narrow it down even more - which shows you going to ?

        1. re: kjs

          No clue! :) Since mom is local we're going to see what we get via the half-price ticket booth places. We do, however, have firm plans to see Blue Man and Zumanity. (How I'm going to watch Zumanity with my mom beside me...ugh). We're also considering that water thingamajiggie at the Wynn and I'm trying to talk the spouse into seeing Wayne Brady.

          I forgot that this is Vegas and everyone is out to rip a new hole in your pocket. Does $75/pp make it ANY better?

          1. re: enigmakairos

            blue man puts you in the venetian - at $ can get share a few apps and share a few desserts then you each get an entree and i think you can afford B&B - personally i did not have a great meal there but i've only been there once so i do not give a thumbs down until i've had 2 negative experiences...many speak highly of it so you might want to give it a try. the related restaurant is enoteca - i have not might want to look at that. i enjoy delmonico's but that too will require some sharing of the apps and desserts to get to the $75 level. Bouchon - i still have not tried...soon...very soon...based on what i've read, you can do it. i've had mixed meals at pinot - definitely within your budget. i am not a fan of valentino and i've yet to try aquaknox.

            for zumanity - at ny ny...i have not eaten at a restaurant in ny door is monte carlo - andre's is inside - i've been to the original andre's in downtown - classic french - if prices are comparable - you'll have to share apps again. across the street is mgm - sea blue is within your budget, craft is a major stretch - same as nob've got a wolfgang puck cafe that i've yet to try and then you have emeril's - yes, you can afford emeril's and people rave about the banana cream pie ( i liked it...not loved but liked it ! )

            good luck !

      3. As a local, one of my favorite hole in wall Rincon de Buenos Aires. It is on Spring Mountain between Decatur and Lindell on the north side of the street across from Southwest Gas. They have a nice variety of mixed grills. They also have a nice take out deli, butcher counter and small market of imported goods. Plus, the prices are very very reasonable in addition to great food.

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        1. re: Eric

          Second. I visit regularly and this has become one of our frequent stops. I love sweetbreads and the mixed grill gives you a ton and you can also order them on the side with other dishes.

          1. re: Jase

            If you are going to the pinball museum, you should check out Casa di Amore which is very close by. Good Italian food (try the pork chops w/ vinegar peppers), open 24/7.