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Dec 20, 2007 01:32 PM

Lunch in Calgary - Kid Friendly

Don't know if this is too late - will be in Calgary tomorrow mith my wife & 3yo daughter/3mo son.

Having enjoyed Fatburger, T&T & that little Mexican taqueria the in recent times thanks to this board.

Just need a few suggestions for good lunchtime dining with kids in tow. We eat everything & anything cuisine wise.

Will have the car so no problem getting around.

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  1. Diner Deluxe can get a little hectic, but great food. THey have a pretty varied kid's menu, with everything from banana chocolate french toast, meatloaf, buckwheat pancakes with berries, and ice cream sundae with house churned ice cream. ANd the regular food is always good.

    1. My vote is for Tazza, depending on the time you're there. They have live music Friday's at lunch, and it's deli-style so your kids can make a mess and it's not a big deal. Great fresh food.

      Only issue? Small place, and usually very busy on Fridays.

      1. Calgary Farmers' Market! This one hit me like a bolt from the blue last weekend. Tons of kids, Santa might be there, many many dining options.

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          Thanks John - CFM is one of the main reasons we are hitting town tomorrow - stocking up on Xmas groceries - we have tried & enjoyed most of the food options in that wonderful place!! My 3yo has met Santa about a dozen times this season and I have to say the quality of Santas varies almost as much as our collective restaurant experiences!

          1. re: graemejw

            Santas? There's only one Santa... wait, how can he be at CFM and Market Mall at the same time....

            1. re: John Manzo

              Teleportation - duh. Don't you know anything John!? :)

              1. re: yen

                whew, faith crisis averted!

                I did my friday pilgrimate to CFM today- they're closed next weekend just so everybody knows.

                I bought from someplace I've never tried, Dora Pomadora, which is run by part of the same family that does Margarita's Dishes (the Ukrainian place). I got a chicken and wild mushroom wrap- oh my Santa- it was DELICIOUS. The wrap is a sort of crepe and the filling is just sinfully good. $6.

                1. re: John Manzo

                  I got sent there from Margarita's to pick up a cheese blintze awhile back... mmmmmMMM good! We take the kids to Margarita's for Nick's (I think that's his name?) mac 'n cheese. Kids love it almost as much as mine heh and one big bowl feeds two. They now sell their borscht frozen btw... DH is a big fan so we'll stock up this weekend.

                  Chez Cora's, sorry Cora's is how it's known here... off Deerfoot at 130th Av (in front of the Canadian Tire) is mainly breakfast (everything from pancakes & waffles to creton) but does rate as kid friendly, although it is busy as Santa on Christmas Eve by 9:00am.