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Dec 20, 2007 01:05 PM

Salmon help!!!

I would like to make Salmon in white wine sauce, does any body have any recommendations as to what I can accompany the salmon with? Potatoes? Rice? Pasta?

I will be cooking for a chef so I would like to get the pairings right? and hopefully impress!!

THanks for you help!!

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  1. Rice pilaf would be nice

    1. Cauliflower fritters. Oven-roasted fennel. Or fresh fettucine with some tarragon butter.

      1. I always eat asparagus with salmon. I like the asparagus just grilled but I bet it would be tasty with that white wine sauce from the salmon.

        1. Potatoes, rice, pasta... white white white... against the pink salmon, kind of blah looking.

          Even if you do a starch... add something nice and bright too.

          Roasted Asparagus
          Sage Panfried Brussel Sprouts
          Gingered Carrots
          Garlic Sauteed Spinach
          Lemon Apricot Greenbeans

          1. I agree with Jenny--do different colors. I love a green salad and then a pan of roasted vegetables--cauliflower, carrots, and winter squash, sweet potatoes, and especially beets--are beautiful on the plate!

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              i like serving it on top of a salad, it makes a very nice presentation