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Sep 21, 2000 12:54 PM

Looking for great soul food near Martin Luther King Blvd. & Crenshaw?

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My wife and I will be making an homage to Krispy Kreme this weekend, and I figure we might try to sample a great soul food restaurant while in the neighborhood. I'm a big fan of M & M (and they've got a location right at the corner I specified), but I'm eager to hear other suggestions -- particularly if you think they might be open for breakfast.

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  1. M&M is fine, but to my way of thinking the only truly fine branch is the original way south on Avalon. Superior fried chicken and amazing short ribs.

    Anyway, the classic place to go for soul food near King and Crenshaw is the Boulevard Cafe, a great neighborhood place. You also might consider calling ahead to see if Dulan's is open: the restaurant only serves one day a week, but it can be fine.

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      Thanks for the tip. We found that the Boulevard Cafe closest to the Krispy Kreme outlet is actually closed -- sign says something about new location on Rodeo.

      Instead, we went to M&M. I had hyper-salty but satisfying salmon cakes with scrambled eggs and surprisingly not-so-buttery grits (which I was pleased with). Biscuits were made there (I saw them on the tray) but microwaved before serving; good taste, strange temperature.

      ALSO: Can anyone shed some light on the fact that it seems like there might be a split in the M&M "empire"? Takeout menu does not seem to list at least one of their other locations, and notes under the mural logo something to the effect of "If you don't see this picture, it's not authentic."

      1. re: Jeff Shore

        M&M seems determined to be the Denny's of local African-American restaurants, and they have probably taken over more than half of the free-standing soul food restaurants in L.A. An M&M restaurant is never actively bad, and the fried chicken recipe is splendid, but only the Avalon branch (which come to think of it, does seem to be omitted from the addresses on the menus at other branches) shows much evidence of a single, vegetable-obsessed kitchen genius at work.