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Dec 20, 2007 12:48 PM

Dinnertime in Avignon, Provence

So we need to decide on a train to catch from Paris to Avignon (Jan 2nd). I would like to stay in Paris for most of the day and then travel to Avignon at night and have dinner there. The train would get there at 9 pm, which would mean dinner around 10 pm. I know this is perfect dinnertime in Paris ;-), but is this too late for Avignon?

Also, the next day, I want to eat some serious truffles. What do you recommend? Are my simple plans of meals in local restaurants enough? Or should I plan on maybe going out of Avignon to markets? What goes on on Thursday?

Any input will be greatly appreciated. Chef June, I still have your recommendations for restaurants in Avignon, any other piece of advice?

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. How sure are you that there will BE truffles on January 2nd? Maybe yes, maybe no. I've been hearing reports of low yield and quality this year. I would probably contact the place I want to eat on Jan 2nd and make a reservation. At that time, ask about the truffle situation. 10 pm shouldn't be too late for dinner in Avignon, but be aware that the TGV station is a ways out of town. You will be cabbing or bussing into town, so allow for some time to do that.

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      pied verde about a 10-minute walk from the center. it is well known to the Avignon folks. superb cooking in a high-end manner. small place.
      meticulous service. ate there last new year's day. sorry, I dont remember more particulars, except that of the three-week trip it was SO's favorite meal.

    2. some of my saddest experiences have been to try to go back to restaurants I loved in Avignon after a couple of years' absence, to find them gone! (and in one case, a VERY noisy disco in its place {8>( ).

      that said, thanks for the heads up of pied verde. that sounds like a winner!