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Dec 20, 2007 12:37 PM

Veritas -- Thoughts?

Thinking of going to Veritas, but I heard the chef left and I was worried about the quality suffering. Has anyone been recently. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. I vote skip it--very underwhelming, unless you're going just for the wine. The food left no impression.

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    1. re: erikka

      I must agree with erikka. It is over-rated and very expensive. It lacks charm.

    2. I agree with the above posters. Went there once and never felt compelled to return.

      1. Okay everyone seems to tell you to skip it and I respect that. Around the beginning of November my girlfriend and I had tried to get into the bar room at Gramercy. Of course we had no luck but we live in the area and thought we might chance it. Once we were turned down we ventured over to Veritas and were able to get two seats at the bar. This is the way to go because you can order A La Carte. Don't know if I would return otherwise. Still, we got a nice bottle of wine and everyone knows there wine selection is the best. Then we ordered a cheese plate and a salad. Both were great. Then we got the warm mushroom flat bread with truffle oil, this just melted in your mouth. It was terrific, you must try this. Finally, we split the lamb for an entree and that was very good, cooked to perfection. The host was great in making sure we got a seat at the bar and everyone was very polite. This is the way I would go if you want to experience Veritas. I think our bill came to $150, not bad considering the normal prices there.

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          Thanks for your detailed report, clashfan. Veritas has always been one of our favs, but we haven't been there since Scott Bryan left. Looking at the menu on the website, I see that Chef Ed Cotton has made substantial changes -- finally, because things had gotten really boring. I also noticed that they have a different pastry chef, Mina Pizzaro. Though you didn't mention having dessert, hopefully, this is another positive change because, again, desserts had not been changing much under Dahlia Jergenson. Obviously, you felt the food you had was excellent, which is great to hear. I'm more inclined to return to Veritas now though we will eat in the dining room as we always have rather than at the bar.