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Dec 20, 2007 12:10 PM

Reasonably priced prix fixe in lower Manhattan?

Want to do a special dinner this weekend and am looking to spend no more than $300 for two people. He's been to all the major spots (Grammercy, Per Se, Jean Georges), so I want to surprize him with something a little off the beaten path. One of our favorite restaurants is Degustation, so I'd like to find someplace similiarthat has bold flavors and is innovative and not boring. Preferably someplace below midtown.

Help, I've been researching for days and I'm stumped. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  1. For something really funky (I love it, some love or hate it) try WD50.

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    1. re: doona

      We've both been there and it was indeed interesting (mixed reviews, for certain!), but definitely good suggestion.

      Has anyone tried Tia Pol, and are there strong opinions/recommendations either way).

      1. re: erikka

        Never been, but it is very popular and great reviews. I've actually never heard anything bad about it.

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          I liked Tia Pol, not love it. Of the five dishes my friend and I ate was the bocata de loma adobado sandwich.

          Here's my blog post on my experience:

      2. Just went to Chubo on Clinton a few nights ago. My boyfriend and I love their food. They have a delicious 4 course prix fixe for $65, $85 with wine pairing. Their a la carte menu is also inventive and yummy.

        Last time, I had prosciutto wrapped scallops that were very good. Cooked perfectly. Also the venison carpaccio was silkily delicious.

        The duck with savory flan also a good choice.

        1. While I like Tia Pol and Boqueria are great tapa places (and I really like their suckling pig - I think their dinner offerings are better), it is a tough act to follow after Degustation. Is your friend adventurous? If so, why not bring him to Momofuku Ssam bar? Certainly bold and inventive, yet quite different from Degustation's Franco-spanish tapas. $300 for 2 is plenty there.

          1. We enjoyed Falai (on Clinton) even more than Degustation. Both are small, very different restaurants. Allen & Delancey? I have not been yet.

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            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              Oh FDresident,

              Not only do we live close (both in FD), I think we must have similar tastebuds. I also like Falai (despite a lot of mixed reviews on the board). I went Allen & Delancey recently and really enjoyed it. I am actually planning to go again next week!

              1. re: kobetobiko

                kobe, I think you mentioned it before - you're on the West and I'm on the East. We do seem to have similar tastebuds. Allen & Delancey is on my list. I am hopeful that there will be enough variety for a non-red meat eater. Rubochon will probably be next. Falai was one of our favorite meals this year. Away for the holidays, I'm now searching for "delicious" in the Tristate region. fdr