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Dec 20, 2007 11:32 AM

in Waltham:Tuscan Grill or Il Capriccio?

Looking for a good dinner in the Watch City. Haven't been to either of these places in years. Any suggestions would be much appreciated? Thanks.

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  1. I think it's more a matter of $$, if you want to drop a bundle then IC is for you. TG is a little more casual (not that people get too spiffed up at IC) and affordable. I know Il Cap has some detractors, but I think it's great whereas Tuscan Grill wasn't too memorable my last trip, which admittedly was a long time ago.

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    1. re: Joanie

      Tuscan Grille is just that - not that memorable. In fact, the scallops I tasted off one of my companions' plates were downright poor. On two recent rips to Tuscan Grille, we were there because it was a memory from my parents' youth and I worry that much of their business is due to nostalgia such as this rather than any objective measure.

      1. re: AcrossTheRiver

        I agree about Tuscan Grille. My co-workers raved about it but I was dissappointed. I had the wood grilled venison with sour cherry and my dad had the bolognese sauce. I also had the antipasto salad and it was just disgusting: like a plate of someone's leftovers. Venison gets a bad name for being to "game-y" but I've had excellent venison at Oleana in cambridge. If I had it for the first time at Tuscan Grille I would have believed it wasn't for me. The service also wasn't great and we sat in the front window table so everytime the door opened, freezing air game in. My mom had to keep her coat on the entire meal. They need to get the double curtain set up they have at the Franklin Cafe.

    2. I agree with Joanie. IC is still a great spot and it is a little less casual than TG. You don't have to drop a bundle there unless you get hyhpnotized by its unbelieveable Italian wine list. That is where the $$$ can add up. But it is really a fine restaurant.

      I like to eat at the bar at TG and have never had a bad meal there either.

      1. IC is an "occasion" restaurant with good food, service and a fabulous sommelier. TC has an attitude when you call for a reservation that I always found off-putting

        1. Capriccio's has never failed me, sitting at the bar or in the dinning room, the service is always outstanding, the food always " Fabulous". I tend to order what may be the special of the evening and be " Deliciously Surprised"

          1. You should also consider La Campania. I like it better than both of these places. The food and the ambiance are both comforting.