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Sep 14, 2000 07:42 PM

Van deKamps cookies

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Does anyone know if Van dekamps still produces Baked Goods? Years ago they made a small Sugar Cookie that was the best I have ever tasted. I would love to know if the company goes by another Corp. Name and where the Headquarters is located.


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  1. As far as I know, Van de Kamp's has been gone for years--I loved the Dutch girl cookies and the shaped sugar cookies they made for holidays. And the old bakery building, a should-be historic landmark on San Fernando Road in Frogtown is slated to be demolished soon.

    No more windmill cookies.

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    1. re: Pepper

      Van de Kamp's windmill cookies--wow, talk about something I haven't thought about in years, but wish I could have some of now.

      1. re: Caitlin

        I've seen some Van de Kamp products at Ralph's markets. Don't remember which products, though. What I miss the most are their orange bran muffins. They were the best.

        1. re: Kit

          Available or not, I'm on the wrong coast now. But I asked my boyfriend, "hey, remember Van de Kamp's?" and we both had a childhood flashback.

          1. re: Kit

            "Van de Kamp's" is now a registered trademark of Aurora Foods, which also has the Duncan Hines, Mrs. Butterworth's, Mrs. Paul's, and Log Cabin trademarks, among others. Aurora acquired the Van de Kamp's frozen seafood business from Pillsbury in 1995. The trademark is used by Aurora, and Pillsbury before it, on frozen seafood products like fish sticks and fish fillets. Perhaps this is what you saw at Ralph's.

            1. re: Tom Armitage

              I just returned from Ralph's Mkt. They had at least a dozen kinds of Van deKamp doughnuts and some Eng. muffins but no cookies. I checked the box and it says that Ralph's is the distributor. No other company was mentioned.

            2. re: Kit
              LYDIA C. CARMONA

              THEM IN THE STORES.

              THANK YOU LYDIA

              1. re: LYDIA C. CARMONA

                Did you ever find any recipes for the Van de Kamp's cookies? I would absolutely love a recipe for the Dutch Girl cookies, or at least something like them. Thank you.

                1. re: Terri

                  Did you ever get a recipe for Van deKamps Sugar Cookies? Were those the ones that were flaky, with big sugar crystals on them?
                  Oh man!!!!!!! I am drooling!

                  1. re: Sheryl

                    I would love the recipe too.

                    1. re: Rusty

                      Does anyone remember those Van De Kamp's chewy pecan cookies? They used to come in these wonderful white boxes with little cellophane windows. I'm glad I'm not the only one who liked these.

                    2. re: Sheryl

                      are those the rectangular sugar cookies... flakey with big sugar crystals?... loved those too uncle phaedrus has a website for lost recipies but the data base is extensive and has no index so i have been going through them one at a time and found wonderful ones but ... not the one for those fab sugar cookies!
                      good luck

                      1. re: sewdizzy

                        Those cookies your talking about are carmelized suger cookies
                        with more of a crunch then flakey. It was and still is my all time
                        favorite. I looked them up on uncle phaedrus and found the
                        recipe. It is so close it will make you young once again. If you
                        try this recipe let me make a suggestion i learned the hard way.
                        do as the recipe directs you to do with the exception of how you
                        cook them. after rolling out and cutting the cookie place the parchment paper on a cake cooling rack (half inch grid) and place the cookies on the paper and the cookies will turn out perfect.
                        if you place the paper on the cookie sheet no matter how long you cook them they will remain chewy in the middle no matter how thin and they are not good that way. Anyway happy cookie and i believe you will be very pleased with the outcome.

                        1. re: alleng

                          You say you found the recipe? Would you mind sharing it or the URL with us?

                          1. re: alleng

                            Please oh please share the recipe! That was my absolute FAVORITE cookie of all time. Very addictive!!!!! I would really, really appreciate the recipe so that I can make them for my four sons....and now....finally a daughter in law!

                            1. re: prdreams

                              If you're talking about the Dutch Girl sugar cookies, I posted the link below:

                          2. re: sewdizzy

                            Are the Duch Girl cookies the same as the rectangular sugar cookies sewdizzy asked about? Those are the ones I remembered and they were pale colored, not a deep golden color.

                            1. re: sknittymama

                              They were the thin rectangular cookies with the big sugar crystals. Although they were usually fairly pale in color, they were sometimes a little more browned (and usually more brown on the bottom).

                          3. re: Sheryl

                            Yes, something about the colored sugar crystals did it for me. ESPECIALLY, the pumpkin shaped ones with orange sugar at Halloween.

                            1. re: Sheryl

                              Were those called Duthch Crunch cookies? Long rectangular flakey cookies covered with big sugar crystals and tasted like butter?

                          4. re: LYDIA C. CARMONA

                            Although the recipe for the date nut bread seems to be lost forever, one person who really loved the bread (like me) went to a lot of trouble to try to recreate it. You can find the recipe here:


                        2. re: Caitlin

                          I'm not sure if they are the same, but Archway makes delicious windmill cookies. They taste like the windmill cookies I remember from childhood and I do believe that we had Van de Kamps's then.

                          The Van de Kamp's item I remember most fondly though, was their golden cake with chocolate frosting with walnuts. They used to sell a half cake in a box with a window so you could see the inside of the cake -- with its nice lighter chocolate filling. Yummy! Does anyone else remember that?

                          1. re: rosaliew

                            I loved those cakes! I wasn't that crazy about the frosting that they used between the layers so I would cut a piece and put it in a bowl then mix it all together, it would drive my mother crazy when I did it but I loved it, always ate every bite. I also remember the applesauce cakes, I've never found any other company that even makes an applesauce cake let alone one as good. I miss them SO much. I would love to find the recipe for that cake.

                        3. re: Pepper

                          Procratination! I have waited too many years to find out about the Dutch Girl cookies. That was exactly what I was looking for today. Any chance you have gotten a recipe for them? They were so wonderful.

                          1. re: Terri

                            Van deKamps can be contacted through Aurora foods. "" van deKamps They have a 'contact us' link.Me personally? I MISS their old thick little p-nut butter cookies. SOOOOOOOOo GOOD with milk! And where is the Mocha Cream Cake??? :-( I sent a question about their cake in hopes of FINDING one for my mom's BD in April! It was her favorite cake. Entenmenns can't come CLOSE to those goodies!


                        4. I guess now it would be a guilty pleasure, but then it was just a pleasure. As a kid, no treat was greater than breaking the cellophane seal of the huge Van De Kamp rosette rolls. Imagine a cinnamon roll without the cinnamon, but with streusel instead. More than once, I ate all four at one sitting.

                          1. my favorites were the chocolate chip cookies. they were moist, compared to the other packaged cookies. and chewy.

                            as has been mentioned, van dekamps is selling donuts at ralphs, but no cookies. as someone explains later, it's not the same company anymore.

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                            1. re: elisha

                              Entemann's soft baked cookies (choc. chip and those with macadamia nuts and toffee) are nice and chewy. They also sell these at Ralph's.

                            2. Van deKamp's cookies are best savored as a memory.

                              1. My Dad used to work for Van de Kamp's. The bakery went out of business years ago shortly after he retired. The frozen food/fish business was a separate entity. I found a recipe for "Carmelized Sugar Cookies" at - it looks like it might be close to the Dutch Girl Cookies. I haven't tried it yet. I'd also love the recipes (or close facsimiles) for the Date Nut Bread and the Bran Muffins. I remember the Peanut Butter Cookies someone mentioned, too. They were good.

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                                1. re: c miller

                                  Can you send the recipie for the sugar cookies?
                                  Do you have one for the chocolate fudge square?