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Dec 20, 2007 11:21 AM

Naples - great kids' eats, also good for mom and dad?

We'll be visiting for a couple weeks and need some places that are very kid friendly. (the louder the better!) We like Silver Spoon for a casual, kid-friendly meal, but wouldn't mind some other destinations. We're staying in Pelican Bay area, but can go 15-20 minutes around the area. Thanks!

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  1. Grouper and Chips, for what the local posters recommend as the best fried grouper in the area.

    The Real Macaw -- see this thread:

    1. Naples is not the friendliest family restaurant area,but near you is Big Al's a place that has kid and big people food, cocktails, multiple televisions, and noisy enough to block out kids having fun while you do the same. The food is acceptable and nothing fancy. For an adventure go to Buffalo chips on old 41. Good burgers, Great wings and a very laid back atmosphere, paper towel rolls on the table, free popcorn and atmosphere that is family friendly.