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Dec 20, 2007 11:12 AM

Sushi near the Boston Common Loews?

Pre-holiday date with the SO tonight: dinner and a movie. Where might we get tasty sushi within a brisk walk to the movie theatre, given that the show starts at 6:45 and I'm off work at 5? I work near the green line Arlington stop and was thinking we'd just pop over to Newbury for a quick bite at Shino Express (I think it's called...) and then a walk through the garden and common in the snow. White Christmas indeed.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. That area of town is actually a sushi wasteland. At one point in time there were plans to open a sushi place in one of the storefronts of the Ritz Boston Common but I read that the residents nixed that idea (I guess they prefer vacant storefronts that have sat empty for 5 years). Your best bet is probably the Ginza in Chinatown which is about an 6-7 minute walk from the Boston Common. FYI, Shino Express is not the best place to eat in. Also, while I would certainly call it affordable sushi, I personally think calling it tasty sushi is a bit of a stretch. Finally, while I haven't been there in years since I lived in the neighborhood, I used to eat often at a place in Chinatown (on Beach St, I believe) called Suishiya (sp?). Perhaps someone has eaten there recently and can chime in.

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      Hm, the InterWebs tell me Sushihaya is at 2 Tyler near Beach, and looks like a fine place into which to pop. Ginza too. Thanks also for the head's up on'd never know I'd lived here over a year given what I still don't know.

    2. Montien..Thai restaurant on Stuart St. has a small but high quality sushi bar.

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        good call on Montien. I like their sushi a lot. Note though that they don't serve sushi on Sunday nights.

        1. re: Gordough

          As well they shouldn't, yes? What with the no fish delivery on Sunday (or do I recall incorrectly)? This may be the place for us.

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            Nora -- you'd dig it. It's a teensy tiny bar but 9Lives introduced me to it and it seemed like a real find. Very high quality sushi without the "over the top"ness of O Ya.

            I just looked at the time, and you've left. Rats. Please report back wherever you ended up.

      2. I wonder if Exotic Sushi is ever going to open. The coming soon signs are still up!

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          But didn't the signs move from one of the Ritz storefronts a bit up the street to one of the other condo buildings on Tremont?