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Dec 20, 2007 11:05 AM

Dinner with cheap, unadventurous folks (that won't bore me)?

Need to meet the in-laws for dinner in Manhattan. They're on the cheap side (but insist on paying) and not very adventurous in terms of cuisine. Is there somewhere I can take them that that a chowhound might actually enjoy?

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  1. I think you'll get better answers if you define "cheap." That is, what price per person do you mean?

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    1. re: floretbroccoli

      Thanks. We're talkin' low-end cheap, by Manhattan standards: 20 bucks a person or so.

      1. re: laurabee

        Gnoccho and Perbacco in the East Village are tasty little Italian places that are quite reasonable. Gnoccho is a bit more spacious than Perbacco.

    2. Lots of Chinese choices. Restaurant Florent might be a good choice where everyone would be happy. You could also do something comforting like pizza (John's, Lombardi's) or traditional like Westville, Pink Teacup, etc.

      1. A Shabu Shabu place (theres one in the East Village) is cheap and might be a lot of fun. It's simple food, but makes a night unboring cause when all else fails, you can always talk about the prep of the food!

        1. How about a place like Zum Schneider? Everyone can enjoy sausages, potato pancakes and a beer.

          1. Or, a ton of great, inexpensive Italian places - Le Zie comes to mind.