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Dec 20, 2007 11:00 AM

Vietnamese in Queens?

Hi there! New here, and I'm sure there are posts about this all over, but I've never tried anything Vietnamese and would like to sometime soon. I live in Maspeth, and don't want a huge trek, maybe if it's really worth it though :-P. I keep seeing Pho on TV no matter what channel I turn to and have decided I neeeeed it ASAP. Any suggestions??

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  1. I've been going to Thai Son across from 74th Subway Terminal at 4010 74th St since it opened and have never been disappointed with the PHO. Service is excellent and the very young waitstaff are so friendly. No charge for all the tea you can drink and it's very good.

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      The waitstaff is really nice at Thai Son and I used to go there all the time... however I must take issue with the guy at the front... he's kind of evil and scary. The food is pretty good, if sometimes overly sweet. I myself am hoping for another good Vietnamese option in the area soon.

    2. I second Thai Son. There are also a couple of places in Elmhurst in the shopping plaza off of Broadway (Pho Bang and Pho Bac), but Thai Son is probably closer to you and as good or better than those.

      1. Good to know that Thai Son gets a thumbs-up.

        Flushing has a bunch of Vietnamese restaurants, including a Pho Bang. There are two on Kissena Boulevard just east of Main Street.

        There's also (or at least there was last summer) a Vietnamese restaurant on Roosevelt east of Main Street that's run by Koreans. It was, well, very Korean and the food was nothing to write home about.

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          Another one (large & modern) is opening soon on Prince Street near Spicy & Tasty. Pho Bang in Elmhurst (in strip mall) is very good. Once Thai Son opened, I stopped going since it's much further from home. Thai Son has another branch in Chinatown that gets good reviews.

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            Which one of these would be good for a meal of dishes other than pho? (For a group of about 6-8 people)

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              The place on the corner near Spicy and Tasty is Pho Viet Trieu: 39-07 Prince Street. Has anyone tried it yet?

          2. The Pho Bang on Broadway in Elmhurst was just average Vietnamese. The soups were hot and good. However, the shrimp in the summer rolls tasted a little stale.

            My beef is with the service. While the service was quick, they were too pushy and got mad when we didn't know exactly what we wanted two seconds after we sat down. We also found a twisty-tie in my pho, and when we complained we got a very defensive response. It took some unnecessary haggling, but eventually got a replacement bowl.

            Better off going to Pho Bac next door.

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              My experience with Pho Bang was fine when I was actually eating there. The servers were quite nice and didn't hurry us at all and answered our questions about the food once it came. The vermicelli dish we got was quite good but the rice dish was not that interesting.

              I was quite disappointed when I got the same vermicelli dish a few nights later as takeout - it really paled in comparison to what they had served in the restaurant. Haven't tried Thai Son or Pho Bac so can't compare.

            2. Why does everyone always overlook Pho on Prince St? I t has delicious summer rolls, and chicken curry. I especially like the seafood pho. They have a branch named Mekong in the shopping center on Northern Blvd and 156 St. I think it is better than Pho Bang and Pho Bac.

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                Pho Bang in Elmhurst. Great pho. Service could use a little help.

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                  Yes, Pho on Prince is pretty good. I also think it's better than Pho Bang, Thai Son and Pho Bac.

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                    I only dine at ThaiSon and always order the same entree that no one else has. It's Stewed Beef Cubes & Tendon with rice noodles (Pho Bo Kho). It's under the Rice Noodles Beef Soup (PHO) section of the Menu. The broth is spicey and the meat is very tender. Different then the regular type PHO's. When I do visit Flushing, I prefer the Chinese Restaurants especially Spicy & Tasty.