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Saint John New Brunswick

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Is there any place good to eat either around the City Market or towards Rothsay? Seems there are mostly chains which I would like to avoid.

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  1. You should probably post this on the general Canada board - you might get a few more responses that way.

    1. Hi, here are some of the more recent threads related to Saint John:


      1. Margie— I love Lemon Grass on Princess (between Canterbury and St. William; http://www.lemongrassthaifare.com/). You'll find the usual Thai as well as a couple of Malaysian curries— I still dream of the basil chicken we had in August. The room is beautiful, the service fun, and the food amazing.

        Also, Taco Pico is nearby. Lots of interesting, delicious Guatemalan specialties are on offer, and some safer Mexican-style alternatives. The staff is very friendly, and the prices are cheap.

        1. While I haven't been there, all reports are good about Opera Bistro in St John