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Sep 14, 2000 05:45 AM

Awesome Gnocchi in Santa Monica

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I'm a SoCal native living in SF Bay Area. I did not discover gnocchi (little pillows of potato pasta) until I started touring North Beach on my stomach. Recently, friends took us to Spumoni on Montana (near 15th?) in Santa Monica, good-but-not-great Minestrone, but the gnocchi, OH MY GOD GOOD. I scanned the menu, but the highlight is the gnocchi page where you can choose from 10 or so sauces with your gnocchi. The gnocchi itself was firm enough to hold up the sauce, but delicate enough to just melt in your mouth. I had the fresh tomato sauce, always my favorite with gnocchi, it provided the right balance without being heavy. My wife had the gnocchi with alfredo-like sauce and mushrooms, if you like alfredo with your gnocchi try the option without mushrooms. Whatever you do, get the gnocchi! Spumoni is not fancy, dinner for four with some soup/salad and a nice Chianti was under $100. Check it out!

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  1. Thanks for the tip. Whenever I go to an Italian restaurant, I order the gnocchi. That is how I judge the overall quality. If a restaurant can make delicate but firm, melt in your mouth gnocchi, they can probably handle the rest of the menu well too. By the way, you may want to try the chicken ravioli, as an entre or an appetizer at Harvard Square in Claremont. They are definitely worth the trip out there. I have been trying for years to figure out how they keep the inside so smooth and moist. Cannot duplicate it, even though I've cooked Italian all my life.

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      Dylan Yolles

      I haven't tried the chicken ravioli in question, but I would ask - when making at home, have you tried making sure that the cream and fat content is at the right level (ie., high)? Chicken ravioli would normally be made with some combination of ground chicken, cream, possibly some egg (to bind it), and various other flavorings. But the cream is important.

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        Try Sorrisso's in Old Town Pasadena, Colorado Blvd. Best place in Pasadena for gnocchi.

      2. try the shrimp cakes also. very good.