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Dec 20, 2007 10:35 AM

Best Prime Rib in Boston?

We are looking for the best prime rib in Boston. We used to live in Los Angeles and went to Lawry's Prime Rib every year around new year's. Is there anywhere in Boston comparable? Lawry's also had great sides: creamed corn, creamed spinach, the spinning salad bowl, yorkshire pudding..... I know, can't have it all but we'd settle for something close! Thank you!

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  1. If you don't mind a short trek north of Boston to Essex, MA there's an old school restaurant called Lewis'. You can get a real tasty honking slab of PR for $20 with all the fixin's. I get there once a quarter for my beef fix.

    Also, Franks on Mass Ave. in Arlington.

    1. The closest thing to Lawry's The Prime Rib in Boston -- that sort of frozen-in-amber mid-century ambience and menu -- is probably Anthony's Pier 4 in what is now known as the Seaport District. It was the pinnacle of fine dining in Boston about 35 years ago, a fact that does not reflect well on us. I'd take my grandma there and she'd be very happy, but I doubt it's the best prime rib to be had in town.

      For that, I might look to one of the luxury steakhouses, of which we have far too many. The best I've probably had is at a steakhouse I don't much like, the Back Bay outlet of Morton's, which offers a bone-in prime rib on weekend nights.

      Durgin-Park, our touristy "Olde New England / Yankee cooking" place does a decent oversized prime rib in the tourist-overrun Faneuil Hall Market Place. I had the smaller version of this at lunch earlier this year and thought it was very good. I have heard the food has slipped otherwise since it was acquired this year by a NY-based conglomerate.

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        Say "No! No! It ain't so, Nanette!" That's really unfortunate if true about Durgin Park.
        I think a Boston-based conglomerate should purchase the Carnegie Deli to get even.

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          They look dreadful, don't they?: www.investquest.com/InvestQuest/a/arkr/ Among their holdings are the restaurants in the New York, New York casino in Vegas. Yick.

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            Actually, Il Fornaio at New York, New York is my favorite place to eat in Vegas - quite surprisingly authentic Northern Italian food. So their management does not necessarily bode ill for Durgin Park.

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              Il Fornaio isn't one of Ark Restaurants' properties at New York, New York.

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          Its also a common staple at hotels on Sundays and shows up on holiday menus. As long as you are going to splurge the $42/head tab for other things, Henrietta's at the Charles Hotel usually has it on their excellent Sunday brunch (they promise 3 meats, not necessarily prime rib).

          There are some older school steakhouses in the area that always serve it: Frank's in Cambridge, the Stockyard in Allston, Jimmy's Steer House in Arlington and Saugus. Hound rankings vary -- I have had the best luck with Jimmy's and worst with Frank's, ok with Stockyard. There are old school restaurants that serve it: Mt Vernon in Somerville, one a week at others (Quietman, maybe Andros?). It even shows up on Chinese buffets from time to time. Lastly its common at "colonial" type restaurants, one good example is the Wayside Inn in Sudbury -- metrowest in general does have some good sunday prime rib hunting.

        3. What came to mind immediately was the Hardcover in Danvers. They have prime rib and other Lawry's like gimicks like a great huge salad bar with bread and cheese you help yourself to, complimentary cheese and crackers in the pub while you wait, really very good wine specials, and things like "surf and turf" and the like.

          Chow-cred full disclosure: I have to go there once a year with a friend that lives that way and won't travel. But I am always happy with the prime rib.

          1. A serious ride out, but I liked the Slaem cross Inn. Yup - seriously hokey: cooked over a fire, clam chowder made in a cauldron, etc., but still, great beef.

            1. Try The Stockyard in Brighton. Excellent Prime Rib and a great martini or manhattan!