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Dec 20, 2007 10:04 AM

Most Romantic Restaurant in Chicago Area

Hello all, looking for a really romantic restaurant in the Chicago area to bring my not-from-Chicago boyfriend in two weeks. Could be any area, any type of food, any price range -- what restaurant does everyone think is best to show off our city and have a long, intimate dinner???

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  1. I love Copperblue for romance, great food, and a fab wine list. dining room is intimate and tables are far enough apart to give you privacy.

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        1. Kiki's Bistro, 900 N. Franklin -- always a good meal with friendly staff. French. Busy enough to allow you to have privacy without having to shout to be heard.

          Jane's -- 1650something W. Cortland. Good food, dark (bring a flashlight or lighter to read the menu), nice staff, good wine list.