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Dec 20, 2007 09:48 AM


I saw a quick mention of the new place on Newbury, Cafeteria, in another thread
( and was wondering if anyone had been
and had something (more) to say about it? What style/quality/cost/etc?

Just curious..

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  1. Sorry to respond to your question with a question, but...

    Is this the same Cafeteria that is in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood and on Lincoln Mall in South Beach?

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    1. re: patiofixture

      Didn't Tyler Florence used to be the chef at Cafeteria in NYC? Before he became an Applebee?

    2. Wondered about this myself. Accd to Improper Bostonian, the chef, manager, barkeeper and some service are from the now-closed Cafe Armani. The menu is online and looks much the same. Used to go to Armani for glass of wine, and appetizer snack (not a full meal) so will proabably try this at some point. Like you, I was hoping a chowhounder had already been and could report back!

      1. I went last week with my boyfriend and we both agreed if we went back it would just be for a drink- maybe an app. It is a typical newbury street spot-- loud, youngish crowd, mediocre food for average-high prices. We both started with salads- a caesar for him and a beet salad for me-- totally acceptable - good size, fresh-- nothing mind blowing but good. He had the filet with gorgonzola cream, french fries and creamed spinach. it came out more cooked than requested and was a TINY medallion of filet (and the cut isn't big to begin with)-- the fries were ok- a little rubbery. I ordered the bucatini carbonara- the bacon was sparse and what was there was very fatty and there wasn't much bacon "essence"-- not sure they used drippings with the egg yolks to make the sauce. Again, not terrible, just really, really average. We split a molten chocolate cake - typical dessert- no complaints. Our server was very sweet and attentive. Again, we didn't go with super high expectations and it would be fun for a drink or snack- just not for dinner.

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        1. re: Motte Picquet

          Yes - that was exactly our experience with it in its Cafe Armani incarnation. Once we were with somebody who did order a main dish of pasta, and it looked good, but almost like a loaf of bread - all pasta, very little bacon/salami/ whatever meat it was supposed to have.
          We'll likely stick with the apps/wine options.

        2. I went there opening week, and was not impressed with the menu or my food. The menu was so predictable, and yet the food didn't even come close to meeting an average standard for these typical dishes. I just wonder how you can open a restaurant without a good quality product to compete with all our other great restaurants in backbay? Apparently the head chef was the sous chef at Armani and I loathed Armani - probably wont go back.

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          1. re: pink dress

            i think we all know that most restaurants on newbury street are more about being seen with your latest valentino purchase rather than the quality of the food. but still, on my visit i thought the food was perfectly acceptable and the wine list reasonable for their cuisine. with a name like cafeteria, i don't think they are trying to blow anyone out the water from a culinary stance. i think they just want to be a comfortable neighborhood place with a young, fun atmosphere. i'm not sure this really is the place for hounds on a saturday night, but we all probably knew that already.