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Dec 20, 2007 09:38 AM

Fish Market recs in Seacoast NH/Southern ME?

We're planning on shipping some fresh New England fish out to relatives in Arizona as a Christmas present. (I know, I know . . . I'm one of those wait-till-the-last-minute Christmas present procrastinators.) Anyone have some good fish market recommendations (including if they can help with packing the goodies for their journey)? I know that the fish at Philbrick's Fresh Market in Portsmouth and Fiddlehead Farms in Dover is always good, but they are a bit pricy, so I'm wondering about off-the-beaten-path places. Maybe Somethin' Fishy in Eliot, ME? (I've driven by it but never stopped in.) We stopped in the Olde Mill Fish Market on Marcy Street in Portsmouth yesterday and that's a definite possibility, too.

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  1. I shop at Free Range Fish and Lobster in Portland. They have website and ship direct handling everything for you.

    1. Taylor Lobster in Kittery can handle it for you...they def ship lobster- not sure on their other fish.. the usually have sword, cod, some salmons and shrimp ...

      Also try Seaport Fish in Rye, near Psmouth border.. much larger selection of fish.. they also are the only ones carrying the new mussels from the Isles of Shoals- delicious...

      1. Browne Trading on Commercial St. in Portland. Best fish around.

        1. I know this is 3 years past the original post, but I have just found out that our favorite local fish market FRESH FISH DALEY in EXETER, NH is in dire straights, and we want to keep Fred in business. His fish is always wonderfully fresh, and he cuts us something special if we ask--or even when we don't! He even has a small produce section that we appreciate. Fred successfully battled cancer a few years back and this set him back quite a bit. He will be offering a club membership so he can hopefully buy a new refrigerated vehicle. If you live on the NH Seacoast or know anyone who does, pass this along? Thanks.

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            Just an update...Fred's customers came out in full force to support him. Just like It's a Wonderful Life! He now has a new (used) refrigerated van and his fish is still the freshest around. Also carrying a little more produce.