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Dec 20, 2007 09:36 AM

New Vietnamese Restaurant in Brooklyn Heights

Has any one been to the new Vietnamese Restaurant on Montague Street ?

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  1. I don't think its open yet. Its on the corner of Montague and Henry and is called Kim Paris-Vietnamese Grill. No menu is up yet and it says Coming Soon, but no date. I'm glad there will hopefully be a full menu Vietnamese place in the neighborhood, but am skeptical since its on Montague (where almost nothing is good) and I think its the same owners who ran the Chinese restaurant where it used to be. Anyone else have any other info?

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    1. re: jdf

      No it is not owned by the same "Chinese" owner. The chef is Vietnamese and she used to be the owner of a small VN sandwich shop on Broome street near Little Italy. She sold the business last year. Anyway, she is working here now and she makes the pho and the pork chop etc, however she doesn't touch the stir fries.

    2. It is open. I ate there on the 20th. Had an appetizer portion of the pho bo tai[sic]. It was pretty good. I'm not a pho expert, but I've had, and enjoyed, the pho at a pretty well regarded pho place in the dc area, so I know what I like. The pho at the brooklyn restaurant tasted pretty much like I remembered the dc place's pho tasted like. It came with the usual fixings, and a small bowl of hoisin sauce. I also had a chicken entree called honey ginger chicken. It was fine, but I wouldn't order it again. A bit too sweet, and too much ginger flavor. I plan on frequently going back for the pho, however. I do wish that they had soda lemonade like the place in dc had. It was basically just lemonade with seltzer, but it was really refreshing, especially with the pho. Anyway, the place on montague is definitely worth a look.

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      1. re: Alan72

        Thanks for the report Alan, any idea if they're doing delivery yet? Will be nice to have another option in the hood

        1. re: Alan72

          Glad to hear the pho was good. I picked up a menu on Friday. From the looks of it, seems pretty Americanized (i.e. honey ginger chicken). Hopefully, if the food is good and there is demand, they will add a wider variety of more traditional Vietnamese dishes.

        2. I ordered takeout from them last night. I had the spring rolls which were okay, but were probably better hot. I also ordered what I thought would be pork chops over vermicelli (bun thit nuong), but ended up being served over rice. However, the chops were really good, and much fresher than the spring rolls.

          Interestingly, the restaurant called me shortly after the food was delivered to make sure everything was satisfactory. I explained the mix up, and was told that there must have been some confusion, and to make sure I ask for the noodles next time. No big deal, really.

          All in all, I thought the food was good. It beat the quality of the food from the now defunct Saigon Garden - which was pretty poor near the end. Glad to have some Vietnamese back in the neighborhood.

          BTW, I'm adding a link to The Greens since the restaurant is in the same space. Also, if my caller ID is any indication, the restaurant still uses the same phone number.

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          1. re: Greg

            I ate there last friday. Food was solidly good (but not amazing). For sure its nice to see another option in the Heights.

          2. The pluses are the good food, the reasonable prices, the pleasant. friendly service, and the convenient location. The Spring Rolls were excellent, the rest of the dishes we tried were all good.

            The downside is the tacky luncheonette-type decor and the unshielded door that lets cold air blast into the restaurant.

            A fine addition to the neighborhood. For "amazing", one would have to pay a whole lot more than $16 per person.

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            1. re: Fleur

              Oh, Fleur...
              "A fine addition to the neighborhood. For "amazing", one would have to pay a whole lot more than $16 per person."

              The whole appeal of good Viet is that its cheap.

              I've had plenty of -amazing- Viet food under $16 a person.
              In the Heights, no.
              In Sunset Park, forgetabboutit.

              1. re: Larry Brooks

                The whole appeal of Vietnamese food, and all other cuisines is that it is delicious, and made with top quality ingredients.

                Because of the price of ingredients these days, when fresh produce is pricy. and imported ingredients the same, good food is never "cheap".

                1. re: Fleur

                  "good food is never "cheap"."

                  I'll continue to disagree. There are so many "cheap" options I don't know where to start.

                  My point was not that the only appeal of good Viet is that it is cheap but certainly one appeal. If I spend more than say $12-$15 a person on Vietnamese food, I'd be SHOCKED that it would be any better than what I get in Sunset Park or Chinatown for 1/2 the price. Same goes with Mexican food.

                  You can use top quality ingredients and charg a "cheap" price. Thousands of restaurants do all over the city, and all over the world.

                  1. re: Larry Brooks

                    Sorry to say, but one reason that Vietnamese (and Chinese) food is so cheap is because most of the workers are grossly underpaid. So, while I agree with Larry that cheap "ethnic" restaurants can be just as good as more expensive ones, I'm a little uncomfortable extolling that virtue!

                    1. re: parkslopemama

                      So price should go up to suit the help? Maybe you want to pay more taxes too!

                      1. re: NYJewboy

                        Actually, yes. On both counts.

                        But the real reason I'm posting now: Does anyone have the phone number for this place? I want to call to see if they are open for lunch today (Monday). Thanks.

                        1. re: parkslopemama

                          Here's place info ...

                          Kim Paris Vietnamese Grill
                          128 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

              2. re: Fleur

                Great food and it is not expensive at all. Much better then Le Colonial Restaurant on 57th St. That place is over-rated and extremely overpriced. Kim's is a nice place where you can get good food and good services. I loved the summer rolls...I mean you can't really mess that up. Also the pork chop rice is pretty good but I prefer to have it over cold rice noodles. I guess anything over cold rice noodle is a good choice if you want to stay away from the oil and msg. Also the curry soup for appetizer is pretty good. Wish they have better drink menu, there are not much exotic choices. But overall it is a fine addition to the area. Will frequent this place.

              3. I ate there today for lunch - and I am heavily disappointed. My husband had the beef-noddle soup, I had an okra curry and both dishes were more then mediocre. The soup was awfully bland and the curry was oily and tasted like bad curry paste from a cheap supermarket. I am sure they are trying - the waiters were lovely. But guys, get a better chef !
                Honestly, the place does not AT ALL compare to the previous restaurant Greens. Also, much better Vietnamese places with better value - such as Saigon Grill for example.
                They said they are going to have their official opening in mid January - so still time to improve.

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                1. re: NYfoodista

                  Thanks for the heads-up. I will be in BH on Thursday and had planned on giving this a try. I will probably change my plans... What I really have trouble understanding is how a restaurant can open and then proceed to serve bad/mediocre food. Doesn't somebody with a financial interest in the place taste the food? If they do, and can't figure out that their food isn't good, how did they get in this business in the first place. If I mess up dinner at home (woops, a little overcooked, or whatever), it is immediately obvious. I mean this is not like 20 yrs ago in BH when there was one pizza place on Montague. There are some very good eats in BH now, so if you're planning on serving sub-par food in this competitive environment, why bother?

                  1. re: bnemes3343

                    I had dinner at this place a week ago, and I'm trying it again (delivery) tonight. Everything I ordered the first time around was actually very good -- not world shaking -- but solidly good. Sure, this won't be a "destination" restaurant, but I agree with most of the posters here -- it's definitely a nice addition to the neighborhood.

                    1. re: bread for breakfast

                      What did you order? I was just there with my boyfriend. We both ordered big soup bowls - he ordered the chicken curry soup, I ordered the crab noodle soup and some summer rolls. The curry was extremely salty and the crab soup was bland but it sounds like people have had some very good experiences there. We saw some nice looking beef dishes go by, so we are thinking of going back to check out the pho. The owner brought us some tapioca and sweet potato in coconut milk for dessert and this was a lovely and delicious treat. It sounds like the restaurant just needs to work out the kinks and it will be a solid neighborhood spot.

                      1. re: MyrtleWilloughby

                        Six of us from my office ate lunch at Kim's today. The service was so bad, I was embarassed to have suggested the place! The food came out at all crazy, staggered times -- some people not getting their main courses until several minutes after other people, appetizers coming even later. And half the food was wrong anyway: curry fried rice rather than coconut fried rice, seafood spring rolls instead of vegetable spring rolls, beef with lemongrass rather than beef curry, etc., etc. Of the various things we ate, only the spring rolls and the basil chicken were decent. The rest was tasteless and/or too oily. I MIGHT be willing to try it again in a month or two, just out of curiosity to see whether they've worked any kinks out. But I would definitely not recommend it at this point.

                        I guess I should go back to my old policy of not bringing people to any restaurant that I haven't already tried. Quel disastre!

                  2. re: NYfoodista

                    I loved the pho at kim's. It is perfect. You know the reason why some food are so flavorful is because of the amount of MSG, or sauces with MSG!!! Keep it simple guys.