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Dec 20, 2007 09:34 AM

Chinese in HP/Dedham/West Roxbury

Looking to get take out Chinese for Christmas Eve. As a kid we always got Kings House... not even sure if that is still open! I saw recommendations for Spring Blossom and Bamboo but not sure if those get the thumbs up for take out.

The group is a fairly reserved group looking for very pretty standard Americanized Chinese take out preferably in the HP/Dedham/W Rox area.

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  1. Mandarin Gourmet at Putterham Circle is really the best in the area, but its pricier too.

    Imperial Kitchen in Roslindale Village used to be OK but was not too happy with the last time I tried it. West Palace and Pu-Pu Palace on Centre Street in West Rox are dreadful.

    1. The food at the Bamboo in Dedham is very good, I have taken out the buffet lunch several times and eaten it for dinner over several nights and it is still very good; I think that it is far better than Spring Blossom. My first choice would be Bamboo and next would be Mandarin Gourmet.

      1. King's House is still going strong. There are plenty of Chinese take-out options in Hyde Park (King's House, Liane's Kitchen, Talk and Wok, etc.), and I'd describe them as "standard Americanized Chinese". I'm sure you'd be fine with any of them, as long as you're not expecting gourmet cuisine.

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          Talk and Wok's egg rolls are awesome! I have also been very happy with their other "chinese/american" dishes (chow mein, house fried rice, lo meins, etc.). Surprisingly also their pad thai is very good.

        2. You might want to call ahead of time. I went to Mandarin Gourmet on a New Years Eve and placed a small order and received it in a timely manner but I overheard them telling people who were calling in their order that the wait time was 2 or 3 hours.

          You wouldn't want to have a crowd of hungry people at your house and have to tell it will be 3 hours before they eat.

          1. Talk and Wok chicken wings are awesome. I know a few people that still get it from King;s House and say it's the best in H.P.