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Dec 20, 2007 09:32 AM

Best South Indian or Middle eastern or Morrocan: Pennisula/ S bay

OK. I know there are a lot of hounds that eat out 100x more than I do, and have been able to explore. When mentioning some of the exploration of hounds to my husband he mentioned what a great service it would be to retire and eat everywhere so that we could share our wisdom! So please share your wisdom.

My husband's family had a tradition of eating out on Christmas eve. So he would like to do that. I am happy to do so, but want to find someplace with great flavors different than where we always go (although perhaps we will end up back at the old standbys). We are in Palo Alto, but willing to drive a little bit.

Looking for great food. My first thought was Indian, but Middle Eastern or Morrocan is good too. We have 2 kids, well behaved and adventurous eaters. I love spice and require it in Indian food, but they need to be able to make something for the kiddos that isn't too spice. I am allergic to wheat, but other than that will eat anything. I love South Indian, but could do North Indian too.

So what is the best? Ideas so far are Dasaprakash, Tumeric (never been to either place), Passage to India or Amber (2 places we go often and have their pluses/minuses), Sultana, New Kapadokia...

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  1. Check out Casablanca on Broadway in Redwood City. It's a homey Moroccan place that's very kid-friendly.(The chef has a four year old son herself.)

    They also have belly dancing Friday and Saturday nights, and kids love it. Everyone is encouraged to get up and dance.

    2421 Broadway St
    Redwood City, CA 94063
    (650) 299-1300

    1. I have heard positive comments about Tarboosh in Redwood City from a Lebanese contact. Here's the link -

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          Yes - that would be our first choice. We have wanted to go there for awhile - but alas, all booked for Christmas eve...