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Dec 20, 2007 09:30 AM

Best Chinese lunch for 6 in SF?

Looking for a place to take the crew for a holiday lunch tomorrow, and was thinking of ordering one of those multi-course meals found at most Chinese restaurants in SF. Is there one out there that is better than the rest for under $100 for 6? Parking would certainly be a plus!

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  1. Dragon River on Geary/22nd Ave- 1 block West of Park Presidio. Bring quarters for parking meters. You will not leave unsatisfied, or un-astonished...

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    1. re: chilipalmer

      I haven't heard anything about Dragon River before - it's only been mentioned in a couple of chowhound threads and according to the reviews on yelp, it's Hakka cuisine.

      What are your favorite dishes?

      To answer the OPs question, I think going to the Richmond is a good idea, since it's easy to park there. Also possible is Lucky River near Glen Park/Sunnyside - the multi-course set meals there include great pork chops. Report on chowdown at Lucky River

      1. re: Dave MP

        Easy to park in the Richmond? You're kidding, right? The Richmond is the only place I've ever given up and valet parked because I couldn't find a place for blocks.

        I think by far the best lunch for Chinese lunch for six is the Chinatown Selection menu at Great Eastern.

        For $88.00:
        Minced Seafood with Lettuce Soup
        Shredded Dried Scallop Soup
        Sauteed Sea Conch & Scallops with Yellow Chives
        Fresh Dungeness Crab with Xo Sauce
        Sauteed Soft Bean Cake & Chinese Mushrooms with Tender Greens
        Steamed Fish
        Dessert & Fresh Fruit

        You can park in the Portsmouth Square garage.

        Great Eastern Restaurant
        649 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA 94133

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          At lunch it's pretty easy to park in the Richmond. I was there yesterday and had no problem. There are lots of metered spots especially, although those require lots of quarters. Dinnertime is a different story though.

          The Great Eastern lunch sounds very good, I think that's a good suggestion too.

          Dave MP

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            I concur with Great Eastern; also they will validate your parking for the Portsmouth Square garage.

            1. re: Joel

              Tom Kiang in the Richmond or anywhere in Chinatown. 6 is a small number for chinese restaurants.

            2. re: Ruth Lafler

              I've had that set a couple of times and agree it's very good, but a little light for 6. Adding another dish would put them right around $100 before T/T.

          2. re: chilipalmer

            Thank you all for the rec's. I ended up going to Dragon River as it made for a nice getaway over the gg bridge. The food was pretty good too, and parking was a breeze...had to go out and feed the meter after an hour though...