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Dec 20, 2007 09:25 AM


Does anyone have any recommendations for either Kosher cookbooks or healthy(diabetic) cookbooks? I realize that that will probably be 2 distinct lists, but if you could provide some ideas they would be appreciated.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Have you looked at
      and this cookbook?
      Enlightened Kosher Cooking by Nechama Cohen. Published by Feldheim Publishers, 2006. ISBN 1-58330-888-1. 416 pages. Hardcover. US$39.95
      It's diabetic + kosher.

      1. I can't quite recall the author's name, but the chef for Abigael's wrote a great cookbook, and I think it was kosher.

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          I lthink you are referring to Jeffery Nathan the owner of Abigal. He has a TV show on Create TV

        2. For Kosher, I really like:
          Levana's Kitchen
          Kosher Palette
          Kosher by Design

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            I checked Kosher by Design out, and it is a really cute cookbook for kids even if you don't keep kosher (obviously unless you're looking for pork recipes) -- lots of regular type food, not just desserts.

          2. Levana's Kitchen is kosher and it's also pretty healthy- everything I've made from her recipes comes out excellent. Highly recommend.
            Jeffrey Nathan's cookbook (he's the Abigael's chef) is much more "gourmet"- delicious stuff but complicated, long recipes.
            The Enlitened cookbook is a waste of $$, in my opinion- basically takes regular recipes and tells you to use splenda and pam.
            The Susie Fishbein series (Kosher Palette, Kosher By Design, and three more... and counting, she's really milking it for all it's worth) is also pretty good. All the recipes seem to be lifted from someplace else, but she's done all the 'kosher substituting' for you . I'd leaf through the first three and get whichever seems most appealing.

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              I definitely second the Fishbein books - excellent recipes - also Mam Leah's Jewish Kitchen by Leah Loeb Fischer I have also enjoyed -

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                i totaly disagree, the EnLITEned is long overdue---many of the recipes are not new because she has EnLITEned traditional recipes and proven that you can eat Jewish style and kosher food and still be healthy---everyone i know that has it loves it---and it is the first kosher cookbook that gives nutrition facts, exact portion sizes and an encyclopedia of nutrition information ---this is not just a cookbook