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Dec 20, 2007 09:24 AM

ISO Korean "Dduk" bakery for baby's 100 day party

Can anyone recommend a good source for fresh tasty Korean "dduk," (rice cakes) preferably in Koreatown LA?

I need to order a large quantity for my baby's "baek-il" (100 day celebration) so if there is a place that is known to cater to this kind of event, even better. I know there are specific types of dduk to eat at this celebration.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. we got our dduk for my son's dol at ye dang bakery in ktown at :
    ye dang bakery
    4253 W 3rd St
    Los Angeles, CA 90020
    it was AMAZING... everyone commented on how good the dduk was and usually people just have it in their fridge and toss it when it gets hard. but this stuff was really good and the prices were fine too.

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      Thanks for the reccs! I ended up going to Ye Dang and they did not disappoint. I was happy to support a smaller operation, too. The kul dduk (honey and sesame filled) was especially popular.

    2. I don't know what the 100 day dduk is, but a place called Seoul Bakery on 2897 W. Olympic specializes in dduk and kimbap. I know they do special orders because someone was picking up a monstrously huge slab of something.

      Their dduk and kimbap were among the best I have ever had from anywhere. A little more rustic, probably. It's a tiny place nestled in a strip mall.

      There's also a traditional place, Howondong, next to the grocery store in the Galleria mall on Western & Olympic. It sells old school Korean desserts, and they had a binder filled with pictures of stuff you can special order. I didn't know what the stuff was, but it looked pretty. I know they do weddings, so I'm sure they would do birthdays. Howondong's products are picture perfect and taste exactly as they should, but you definitely pay the price.

      1. I think San Soo Dang is the best. Serves the South Korean president whenever he's in town. They do a great job on celebration (baek il, weddings etc) catering orders.
        San Soo Dang
        761 South Vermont Ave @8th
        (213) 487-1717

        1. We had duk from Howondong in the Galleria for our wedding and chut tul. We also had other traditional items as part of ceremony. Everything was great.

          My daughter loves it as well. We have fed her the plain dduk with dates or other seasonal fruits for meals or snacks many times. It keeps well in the freezer and re-heats easily in a wet paper towel in the microwave. Of course, it's best to eat when fresh but these tricks work great with young kids.

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