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Dec 20, 2007 09:13 AM

TCBY White Chocolate Mousse... God's concoction?

I love love love white chocolate mousse from tcby and everytime i ask someone what they order when they go there they say WHITE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE. it is soooo good. especially with chocolate sprinkles. the calorie countis somewhere below 150 which is quite good, it might even be more like 100 but i wouldn't swear to it. i've had low fat froyo or fat free froyo elsewere and although it always hits the sweet spot it is nowhere NEAR as delish as the white chocolate mousse. unfortunately there aren't any tcby's in dc... except, once i did go on the website to try and find one (in dc proper) and they came up with 1600 pennsylvania avenue, which last time i checked, was the address for the white house. it said room 404 1600 pennsylvania, which is pretty funny. i mean maybe dubya likes the good stuff too.

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  1. I loooove TCBY's white chocolate mousse!! I moved to DE a year ago and there's one not too far from me, but in a spot I never go to. I keep forgetting about it, but might have to get out there tonight=)
    My favorite is to mix it with the raspberry yogurt when they have it. Yum!

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      Yes, it is the best!! I worked at TCBY in college and I definitely took advantage of it! I have 3 favorite ways of eating it (I did a lot of expirementing!).
      1. Topped with Cherry Pie Filling (sooo much better than I originally thought it would be, good if you're in a fruity mood)
      2. Topped with Hot fudge and TCBY's wet walnuts (really rich & decadent)
      3. Swirled with the Peanut Butter yogurt (which I know they don't carry too often) and topped with hot fudge.

    2. We have not had a TCBY in our town for about six or seven years but I used to bring home gallons of that stuff. I was crazy about it and I'm jealous that you all can still get it.

      1. I used to eat TCBY's WCM all the time, with peanut butter chips. Yummy! When I worked at a doctor's office way back when, they had a TCBY right next door. WE would walk over for lunch, or break or any reason at all. The doctor's would sometimes give someone money to go buy a bunch of it for all of us.......

        1. We have a TCBY here in Kansas City - love it! Hubby loves the WCM. I prefer the NF chocolate or peanut butter when available. I just love TCBY so much. It's a nice treat.

          And, TCBY toppings are always fresh and "name brand." Nothing WORSE than a yogurt place that says "oreo" but it's hydrox (ewwww...)

          1. I too worked there in college and people would get upset if we went more than a day without running WCM. We ended up keeping one machine alternating WCM and chocolate raspberry truffle because they were our most popular flavors. I loved the peanut butter myself.