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Looking for Restaurant in Annex

Hi everyone, I am looking for a nice restaurant in The Annex or along the Bloor Spadina area to take my Management Team for a nice holiday treat. We usually have a great time and enjoy the wine and exchange gifts. Any idea? Price is not an issue. I would like an environment where we can talk and laugh though.

Thanks Dee

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  1. If price is truly no option, then Splendido is my suggestion. I haven't been fortunate enough to swing a meal there yet, but I've heard nothing but praise.

    Alternatively, there are a number of pleasant restaurants on Harbord, including Olive & Lemon (Italian) and 93 Harbord, which serves Middle Eastern food. There is no restaurant that comes to mind on Bloor in the Annex that would be suitable for a business dinner, unfortunately.

    1. You might consider Le Paradis on Harbord, ot the Corner House at Davenport and Madison.

      1. Bloor St. in the Annex is indeed a wasteland. Better to try Harbord St. Splendido will easily set you back $200+ per person, but there are some mid-priced options there as well. 93 Harbord serves lovely North African fusion. Messis is a very popular Italian-leaning spot, and the brand new Bistro Tati (in the old Kensington Kitchen space) was packed when I tried to go a couple of weeks ago.

        Le Paradis is on Bedford, not on Harbord. Not my first or second choice for a French restaurant.

        93 Harbord
        93 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1G4, CA

        Le Petit Castor
        Toronto, Toronto, ON , CA

        1. Boulevard Cafe! I love it there and have always been treated so well by the staff. Diversity of choices for everyone and heat (spice) level can be adjusted to taste. Some great drinks as well. I believe you can book the upstairs room depending on how many people you have....

          1. I would second the recommendations to Messis or 93 Harbord. It would depend on what you guys feel like - Messis is Italian-inspired (pasta, meat dishes, nice wine selection). 93 Harbord is owned and run by a Persian couple, and that is the influence in the food, which is always great- they usually have a good selection of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, and they do lovely variations on desserts (I had a pear baklava that last time I was there - it was really really nice). In terms of atmosphere, these two places are comparable - nice, clean decor, and comfortable for staying and chatting - as far as I remember, I think Messis is a larger place. Prices are also comparable between these two.

            Olive and Lemon has a nice Italian menu (straight-forward, pasta and meat, nothing too experimental), the decor is a little more rustic. I don't think it's as large as Messis, but has a comfortable atmosphere too.

            I agree with all - stay away from Bloor.

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              Not quite in the Annex but close enough - Mistura, if you can get in!!! We tried for a reservation the other night and they were completely booked solid. Stay away from Le Paradis, unless you wanna give your team a lump of coal.

            2. On Bathurst Street just a bit north of Bloor, there is a tiny West Indian corner grocery shop called "Joyce's" I believe.

              During the lunch hours of the busy weekdays, this place offers awesome dishes such as oxtail over rice and peas, curry goat over rice, brown stew chicken, ackee and saltfish w/dumplings or rice + banana, etc etc.

              I especially like their oxtail over rice and peas. mmmmmmmm mom and pop shop.

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                Not to nitpick, but Joyce's is hardly the place I'd go if I wanted to treat someone to a nice dinner and a glass of wine. It's more of a West Indian takeout joint, and the closest they get to alcoholic beverages is ginger beer.

                As far as my $0.02 go, my vote would be for Messis, as others have already suggested. I've yet to have a bad meal there, and the atmosphere would definitely be conducive to a festive gathering.

                Another great option would be Serra on Bloor St W near Spadina. The menu is pretty straightforward Italian, mostly pizza and pasta. The food is quite good, though, and prices are mid-range ($15-$25 for mains). Also, they have a very reasonable wine list, including several wines by the glass.

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                  okay I see where you are coming from. though if you want good takeout West Indian around Bloor/Bathurst; I'd say Joyce is a good choice, as well as the Roti shop near Honest Ed's.

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                    There's also Bistro Tournesol....food is good, nothing really spectacular but the price is right and very nice atmosphere inside. And also the new place L'Unita, which is supposed to be very good. We're going on the 29th. I've heard they do an amazing osso bucco ravioli dish.

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                      L'Unita is very, very good with no attitude whatsoever. Quite refreshing for Yorkville. My gf had the osso bucco tortelloni. She really enjoyed it.

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                        Just in case you missed the L'Unita review, Millygirl:

                        Have a great time. We certainly did and will again.

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                          Hey thanks Googs, I would have missed it for sure. We're going Saturday night and really looking forward to it. One thing for sure, I'm definitely going to order the osso bucco ravioli. In fact after reading this review I decided I better call and confirm they have my reservation from last week.. You never know and I'm not taking any chances. Had that happen to me once before and it's a real drag, even more so when you were the one to make the reso and another couple is involved. Cheers!