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Dec 20, 2007 08:42 AM

Santa Monica/Westside 5PM Sunday dinner

I finally get a "grown up" dinner with a friend (I'm a mom so those are few and far between - the dinner not the friend). I'm looking for suggestions for something nice in Santa Monica/Westside (no Asian, no Indian) that would be open for an early 5PM dinner and also somewhere where I'd have a decent shot of getting a reservation with such short notice. Right now my bak up plan is probably Craft (Century City) but that is probably a little too East for my friend. Thanks.

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  1. is a good source of info on what restaurants have reservations available at that time. I took a quick look, and Josie has 5:30 available if that's not too late for you to start your meal. It seems like a wide variety have 5:30 but not 5 PM reservations, so if you can be a little flexible you will have more options.

    1. If you don't mind the drive I would definitely suggest Sunday Supper at Lucques. Their Sunday Suppers are amazing; I've been to about 3 of them and they have never been short of wonderful. For $40 you get an app., main course (selection of usually meat or fish) and dessert. You can check the website in advance to see if you like this Sunday's menu. They usually post the Sunday Supper menu on Thursday's.

      1. Is Fraiche too far east (Culver City)? If that's too far east, then you're really talking about Santa Monica and Venice pretty literally. In that case, I would suggest Joe's on Abbot Kinney, Josie (as the poster above suggests), Michael's (if the weather's right, sit in the patio area), or Capo. I honestly don't know if they open as early as 5PM, but it never hurts to ask.

          1. There is a very simple & easy solution and that would be Pacific Dining Car which serves dinner 24 hours a day, every day; so a reservation for dinner in Santa Monica at 5 p.m. should be a "No" brainer. It's on the expensive side but if you were considering Craft, than the $$$'s woulndn't be a problem especially since they will spilt any order for no extra charge!