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Dec 20, 2007 08:33 AM

Where are the bad La Voile and Angela's reviews?

Seriously, it's been a couple months. This can't be happening. Not on Chowhound.

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  1. Angela's? Is that place still around? ;-b

    Sometimes a restaurant is so good that it's tough to find any bad reviews on it. I haven't been to La Voile, but I can say that Angela's Cafe is one of the best restaurants I've been to this year. Perhaps someone will go to Angela's on an off-night and write a negative review on it, but so far I guess it hasn't happened.

    This might have the makings of a really good topic. Something like "Which Boston-area restaurants get the highest percentage of positive reviews on Chowhound?" Actually, I'm guessing the topic has been done before in one form or another...

    1. Two meals at La Voile, both excellent, one with terrible service (I think I lucked into the sole American waiter there, and I don't mean good luck).

      Seven meals and counting at Angela's, with nary a false note.

      I don't hold back on bad experiences here, even at places I love.

      I'm trying to think what my worst meal of 2007 was. I think it probably had to be my second dinner at Vintage Restaurant in West Roxbury: spectacular ineptitude from both front and back of house at every turn. It since has mercifully been taken over by the chef from 51 Lincoln, who is 86ing the luxury steakhouse concept.

      1. Can't imagine it would be possible to come up with a bad review of Angela's. About the only thing I think anyone could critize is that they don't have a beer and wine license, but who cares they have tutti-fruiti!

        1. I've only been to Angela's once and I really liked it. The guac and all the assorted apps were outstanding.

          However, my complaints are limited to these:

          1. white meat chicken for all the outstanding sauces (mole, pipian verde, etc).

          2. pozole - while having an amazing flavor, was overly salted. It also could have been hotter instead of warm (but this is mostly because of point 3).

          3. it was freezing when I went and it did take away from the enjoyment of the food. When I have a hard time moving my fingers, it's hard to keep a firm grasp of the fork.

          These are the things that stuck with me on my one visit but in the grand scheme of things, relatively minor complaints.

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          1. re: beetlebug

            Maybe if enough of us ask we can get a dark meat chicken option.

            1. re: Aromatherapy

              While I much, much, MUCH prefer dark meat to white, my theory is that Angela's incredible rich mole - combined with dark meat - would create an overly rich dish.

              Still, I'd order it in a second.

            2. re: beetlebug

              My thoughts:
              1) Was very cold the night I was there - and I am almost never cold. Not so cold that I didn't wish for a nice ice-cold beer, though.
              2) The sauces were fantastic (the best mole I have had since moving to boston) but the chicken was merely passable.

              I know that Angelas emphasizes their sauces, and they are why we go. However, even the best sauces need an acceptable base on which to be displayed. I think dark meat chicken would be an improvement, but it really seemed like they had a vat of boiled supermarket chicken in the back that was slapped on a plate, then lovingly garnished with laboriously hand-made, elegant sauce.

            3. I've been to La Voile twice now and the food was great both times. The service was a bit spotty on the first visit but nothing I was too worked up about. I think part of the issue was the language barrier which I realized when no matter what I asked, the bartender responded with "as you wish". The bone marrow is delicious and quite a large portion for $8! One thing I have noticed is that the portions seem to be pretty big across the board.