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Sep 12, 2000 10:41 AM

jamaican cuisine in la? any recs.?

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I've got a craving for some good jerk chicken.

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  1. Coley's Kitchen on 4335 Crenshaw is the best known. There's also a Coley's in Culver City which I believe is unrelated.

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      Coley's Kitchen is great for akee and salt fish, patties and oxtail (the Coley's on Slauson is strictly cruiseship city), but the jerk, unfortunately, is subpar: oven baked, sauce-intensive. Which is too bad--when Janet's Jerk Chicken was up and running a few years ago, it served among the best jerk in the U.S.

      Try the outdoor market near Stone's down on Crenshaw some weekend. There is occasionally somebody grilling jerk, or at least there used to be.

    2. There is a place in Pasadena called "the Kingston Cafe", located just south of old-town on Fair Oaks. They serve a very passable, if somewhat inconsistent, jerk chicken. I have also had goat there a couple of times, once braised to succulent perfection and once served as an almost inedible rubbery fatty mess. The best thing about this place is it's homemade ginger beer which has a delightful bite to it (as it should have). Remember, spicy here means spicy, so order cautiously.

      1. Naturliart on Washington (near Crenshaw)..right next to a Reggae Studio. Not open on Sunday. The Curry chicken is better than the jerk, but not so outstanding as the stewed chicken.