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Mexican restaurants

I have a friend that grew up in Texas and she seems to think that authentic mexican restaurants can't be found in Boston. I guess she's been disappointed since moving to here a few years ago. I am hoping for some great suggestions on places in the Boston/Cambridge area so she can some faith!

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  1. hehehe, let me be the first of thousands to say Angela's Cafe. Outstanding authentic Mexican, NOT Tex-Mex.. It's in East Boston, and the owner is a native of Puebla. Others can tell you about the outrageously good food, especially the mole.

    Your friend is right for the most part: Boston is a lousy town for Mexican. Angela's is new.

    1. I would start with Angela's in Eastie.

      1. Speaking as a native Texan, I have to ask for clarification: is she looking for "authentic Mexican" or is she looking for what people who aren't from Texas call "Tex-Mex"? Because if she's looking for the latter, the sad truth is that there isn't any worth eating. Seriously, I'd be happy to find even a Casa Ole up here! Heck, even a Taco Cabana would do!

        However, tell her to go to Angela's Cafe in Eastie, both the most authentic and (more importantly) the best Mexican restaurant in Eastern MA, if not the whole of New England. Search the boards, there's a million threads. It would not be hyperbole to call Angela's the Chowhound Boston Board's Favorite New Restaurant of 2007.

        1. Try Ole in Inman Sq. Cambridge

          1. How about Tu y Yo in Somerville?

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              Tu y Yo is great, and very authentic, but wouldn't come to mind for a Texan looking for Mexican food for some reason. I'm thinking more along the lines of Tacos Lupita in Somerville. Very good burritos, muletas, gorditas, etc.

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                Salsa's hasn't gotten much "air play" on the board to date -- can you (or someone) elaborate? How does it compare with some of the usual suspects (Angela's, Tacos Lupita, Taqueria el Amigo, Taqueria la Mexicana, Anna's...)?

              2. For simpler but authentic fare, there's also Taqueria La Mexicana in Union Square, Somerville. I haven't been in since they expanded though, anyone know if their menu has expended too?

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                  They aren't done with the expansion. In fact, the dining room is now a bit smaller than before (if you can believe it) because the construction wall intrudes on the right hand side. "Next month" was the most recent estimate for opening. Other than Roberto, they're not super talkative in English.

                  Same menu for now, same deliciousness. I'd expect some expansion of the menu when their new dining room opens up. They will also have a full bar.

                2. Taqueria Amigo in Waltham is a hidden gem. It is on Willow St just off Pleasant Street near the North Street bridge. The place is tiny and there is a bit of a language barrier, but the food is wonderful. Pollo con mole and a tongue chimichanga are our favorites.