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Dec 20, 2007 08:07 AM

Angus Restaurant - Fairfield, CT

Just wondering if anyone has tried the Angus Restaurant in Fairfield, CT since it's changed hands and reopened? Think it reopened the end of November or early December. Used to be Eric and Michaels Angus, on the corner of Black Rock Tpke and Stillson Rd (not the one in Ridgefield).

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  1. we went in and left - my hubby was in the mood for a burger (their old ones were very good) but we were told you can't order them at dinner in the dining room. Driving by a few weeks ago I saw a sign that it was under new management - not sure if that meant new even after the reopen (I think that was back in September)

    1. Yes it is completely renovated and under new management.
      Have been a number of times, but more for the pub then the dinning room.
      Have had the burger (in the pub only) and it was fair. Too much bun for the amount of meat.
      Have heard mixed reviews on the food. Some rave about the fish and steaks and others say it is average.
      But overall it has been updated very well with warm dark woods, tin ceilings and large HD TV's. They need to do something to tone down the noise in the pub, the tin ceiling does not help the acoustics there. The staff is warm and friendly and the new menu has everything an American steak/fish place ought to have.
      It is worth a try if your in the vicinty.

      1. I went with my kids and sat on the pub side. I just had a salad, which was nothing special, but not terrible either. My kids ate pasta. These meals aren't a fair judge of the place...but I will say the decor is a 100% improvement over the old place, which I thought was extremely tired, to put it nicely. I'd go back and try eating in the dining room sometime without the kids (it seemed too formal in there for smaller children). Report back what you think!

        1. went in for lunch the other day and sat in the new bar area, which was quite nice and done in dark wood. Had a cheeseburger (Medium well) which was perfectly cooked and had just enough charbroiled flavor but not overwhelming. The bun was good and added to the burger (I usually find they detract from it), though it was a bit large for the size of the patty. Fries were fine, though nothing special. Fried onion things were tasty but a bit greasy. Overall, a very tasty burger.

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